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What to do with Old CPAP Machines?

Jun 24, 2022
· 5 mins read

CPAP machines have a life cycle of about 5 years. However, they could easily last longer depending on the quality of the parts used by the manufacturer. This also depends on your total use of the machine.

You might have a CPAP machine at home that you don’t need anymore. Maybe you're done with therapy, or you wish to buy a more advanced machine. What can you do about the old CPAP machine? To throw it out seems like a waste. Sell it? Let’s see what can be done with old CPAP machines.

Donate your CPAP Machine

Donating your CPAP machine is the best thing you can do. It’s also the most logical course of action depending on your circumstances.

Thousands of people must live with sleep apnea because they can’t afford a CPAP machine. Some have no insurance while others get theirs denied for CPAP. The deductibles might be so high for some that insurance doesn’t cut it.

There’s also an ongoing supply shortage of CPAP machines. You can donate your machine to the American Sleep Association. They are in touch with equipment companies who will refurbish your machine to make it usable at a lower price.

Usually, the machines must be gently used for less than 4 years. Machines that have been used for longer might not be reusable. Other than big-name organizations, you can also ask your local charity center if they have the means to recycle your CPAP machine. You could ask around at food banks, churches, or homeless shelters.

A lot of these organizations will write you a donation letter that you can use to write it off your taxes. However, you might have to pay the shipping fees for those that need to be shipped far away.

If you donate it to someone you know personally, you must check if they have a prescription. This is a tricky area, and you should read up on your state and federal laws to find out if you are even allowed to do so.

For safety and legal reasons, it’s always better to donate it to an established organization. Advocates for World Health, Breathe California of the Bay Area and Durable Medical Equipment Aid Society are some huge organizations you can try.

Fix your CPAP Machine

 tool box

Just like how organizations recycle the CPAP machine for people who need it, you can recycle your own CPAP machine.

If you don’t necessarily want to buy a new one but you suspect your old machine is running out of time, you can try recycling it. Keep in mind that some machines might be beyond repair.

Trying to fix something unfixable can lead you to ultimately spend more on it than the cost of a new machine.

Sell your CPAP Machine

Money Bag

If you are in a pinch yourself, you could probably do with the money that comes from selling a CPAP machine. However, you must read up on the rules and regulations surrounding the use and selling of CPAP equipment.

There are state and federal laws that apply to these transactions, both for in-person and internet purchases.

Primarily, you are not legally allowed to sell a CPAP machine to someone who does not have a prescription. There are people who sell their machine on Craigslist as there are those who are ready to buy them. However, these transactions over the internet make it hard to verify the validity of a prescription.

The buyer might also have trouble finding the right machine for them on Craigslist without a proper prescription. They might find a machine that doesn’t work as well as it should or one that has incorrect pressure.

eBay allows you to sell CPAP machines if you have FDA approval. If you are selling an old machine, the chances of you getting the approval are low.

What you can do is contact an authorized reseller. This way you can sell the machine to prescribed individuals. You don’t have to play any part in verifying others’ prescriptions. Of course, selling to a reseller means you will have to give them a commission for the total cost of the CPAP equipment.

Keep your Old CPAP Machine

Luna II CPAP machine

Truthfully, anything is better than throwing away your CPAP machine. Unless it is proper junk and is almost in its 5th year, at which point you can’t sell it or donate it, you can also keep the machine.

It can act as a spare machine. If your new CPAP machine breaks down suddenly, your old one could get you through therapy until the new one is repaired or replaced.

A lot of the people who were using the Philips Respironics CPAP machines would certainly have used a spare machine in their home when it was recalled.

How Much Does a CPAP Machine Cost?

If you have an old CPAP machine in your home, you probably already have a good idea of how much it costs. Yes, most CPAP machines range anywhere from $250 to $1,000. The pricing is based on the number of features in a single piece of equipment.

However, those with moderate-level features usually start at $500.

If you mean to sell your machine, you might get a quarter of the price you bought it for. You must sell to a reseller who will evaluate your machine and decide how much it is worth currently. If it’s in good condition, you might get more than you expect.

Final Thoughts

Before you sell or donate your CPAP machine, ensure you are doing it for the right reasons. If your machine is in excellent condition and your therapy is still ongoing but you want to sell it because you can’t go through with it, you must reconsider.

The first few days of CPAP therapy would be uncomfortable no matter what. However, if you have the right machine and masks to help you out, it won’t be long before you will start seeing the results of the therapy. Once you notice your health getting better, you will thank yourself for not giving up on it.

However, if it’s truly time to let go of your old machine, donating is the best option.

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