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Planning a road trip or a vacation soon? Well then consider taking one of this lightweight, portable CPAP supplies with you. Is the perfect solution to easily treat sleep apnea during your trips.

What is a Travel CPAP?

CPAP Travel Machines FAQ

Everything you need to know about CPAP Travel Machines

What is a travel CPAP Machine?

Travel CPAP machines are smaller, lighter, and more portable versions of regular CPAP machines. They're designed for convenience and portability, catering to the needs of individuals who require sleep apnea treatment while traveling. If you're interested in exploring standard CPAP machines, please visit our CPAP machines section.

Do I need a prescription for a travel CPAP machine?

Yes, similar to standard CPAP machines, a prescription is required to purchase a travel CPAP machine after a diagnosis of sleep apnea. You can upload your Rx, or if you require a prescription for a CPAP machine, you can take our home sleep test to determine if you have sleep apnea.

What are the side effects of using a CPAP machine?

The most common side effects of CPAP therapy include: Dry mouth or nose, skin irritation, claustrophobia, nasal congestion or irritation, bloating and abdominal discomfort, and headaches. These can often be managed with adjustments to the machine or additional equipment. Consult your doctor if experiencing any side effects.

Can I use my travel CPAP machine on a plane?

CPAP Travel machines are FAA-approved. Most US airlines allow portable CPAP machines during flights as they are classified as medical devices. However, it's always best to check with the airline in advance. According to the USA Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a nebulizer, CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP must be removed from their carrying case and undergo X-ray screening when going through airport security. CPAP masks and tubing may remain in the case. You can use a clear plastic bag to place the device through the X-ray machine.

Can I use my travel CPAP every day? Can it replace my regular CPAP?

While travel CPAPs can provide daily sleep therapy, they are not recommended for continuous everyday use at home because their smaller motors work harder to provide optimal performance, which could decrease the device's longevity.

How do I get or carry distilled water for my CPAP when traveling?

Some travel CPAP machines, like the ResMed AirMini™, use waterless humidification technology such as HumidX™ cartridges, eliminating the need for distilled water.

How do I use a CPAP machine without electricity?

A CPAP battery can power a travel CPAP machine for up to two nights on a single charge, suitable for short trips or when electricity is unavailable.

How long can I use a travel CPAP machine?

Travel CPAP machines can run on a battery pack for one to two nights. They are not designed for full-time therapy and should not replace a standard CPAP machine.

What are the benefits of a travel CPAP machine?

Benefits include ease of use, portability, reliable technology, Bluetooth connectivity, quiet operation, travel-friendly features, similar settings to daily machines, waterless humidification, and compatibility with various masks.

What is the main difference between a travel CPAP machine and a standard CPAP machine?

Travel CPAP Machine: These are compact, lightweight, designed for easy transport, and ideal for travelers. They often feature waterless humidification to reduce the need for additional components, focusing on the essentials for effective sleep apnea treatment on the go. Standard CPAP Machine: Larger in size and equipped with more robust features for daily use, standard machines have larger humidification chambers and offer advanced data tracking. They're built for durability and long-term use, with motors designed for nightly, continuous operation.

How does the waterless humidification with HumidX work in the AirMini?

The waterless humidification system HumidX™ and HumidX™ Plus in the AirMini utilizes heat and moisture exchange cartridges. These cartridges work by capturing heat and moisture from your exhaled breath and storing it within the cartridge. When you inhale, the stored heat and moisture are released, humidifying the air you breathe in.

How do I use HumidX/HumidX Plus cartridges with the AirMini?

To use HumidX/HumidX Plus cartridges with the AirMini, you'll insert them into the air delivery system of the device. These cartridges are designed for easy use and help provide effective humidification without needing water.

How often should I replace the HumidX/HumidX Plus cartridges?

You should replace the HumidX/HumidX Plus cartridges every 30 days after opening them to ensure effective humidification. Regular replacement is key to maintaining the performance and benefits of the waterless humidification system in your AirMini device.

Are there any signs that indicate a cartridge is no longer effective?

Yes, there are potential indicators that a HumidX/HumidX Plus cartridge may no longer be effective. These signs can include reduced humidity levels during therapy, increased dryness or discomfort in the airway, or a noticeable decrease in overall therapy effectiveness. If you experience any of these symptoms, it may be time to replace the cartridge.

Is the use of HumidX/HumidX Plus mandatory for all users, or can some opt out based on personal preference or specific health conditions?

The use of HumidX/HumidX Plus cartridges is not mandatory for all users. While many individuals find them beneficial for maintaining comfortable therapy, some users may opt out based on personal preference, travel constraints, or specific health conditions. It's essential to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate humidification setup for your individual needs and preferences.

Does the Transcend Micro CPAP machine include an integrated humidification system?

No, the Transcend Micro CPAP machine does not include an integrated humidification system. Instead, Transcend offers a Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) that can be attached to the Transcend Micro to provide an inline waterless humidification solution. Users can simply attach the HME between their mask and the standard air hose. For optimal results, HME filters should be changed approximately once a week.

Is the use of humidification recommended with the Transcend Micro CPAP machine in all situations?

The need for humidification may vary depending on individual preferences and environmental conditions. While some users may find it beneficial to use humidification in all circumstances, others may choose not to use it or only use it in certain situations, such as traveling to areas with dry climates or during winter seasons.



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