DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow Mask with Headgear

BY Philips Respironics
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Product Overview

This mask is tight enough to stay in place as you turn in your sleep, yet loose enough to be comfortable and not compress your nostrils. Designed with a hollow frame that allows CPAP therapy air to travel through the mask, and a full field vision to read or watch TV before falling asleep.

Product Features

Comfortably Nasal Pillows

  • Integrated into a cushion style frame that snaps on and off of the DreamWear easily and quickly. Made with a gel insert promoting comfort on the nostril while providing a reliable seal.

Contouring Facial Shape

  • Designed to prevent red marks on the bridge of the nose by hugging and adapting to different facial features.

The Perfect Kit

  • This fit pack includes a medium frame size with nasal gel pillows in small, medium, and large.

Easy To Care

  • Cleaning tip: no need to remove the headgear for daily cleaning; wash weekly or as needed by hand in warm soapy water. Lay it flat and let it air dry (do not place it in the dryer).

Freedom Of Movement

  • The top-of-head tube connection provides freedom of movement throughout the night.

Open Field Ff Vision

  • Allows users to wear glasses, read and watch TV before sleep.

Product Specifications

Brand: Respironics
Manufacturer: Philips Respironics
Cushion Type: Silicone/Gel
Mouth Breather: Yes

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