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Sleeplay offers disposable and reusable filters from brands such as ResMed and Phillips Respironics to keep a clean and effective air therapy. Remember to replace your filter every 6 months or when either begin to tear.
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    Sleepstyle filter.
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CPAP Filters FAQ

Everything you need to know about CPAP Filters

What are the benefits of using a CPAP filter?

Using a CPAP filter ensures that the air you breathe during sleep therapy is clean and free from allergens, dust, and other particulates. This can significantly reduce the risk of respiratory infections and enhance the overall effectiveness of your CPAP therapy, ensuring a healthier sleep environment.

How often should I change my CPAP filter?

For optimal functioning of your CPAP machine, it's advisable to replace disposable CPAP filters every two weeks, especially if your environment includes pets, smoking, or high levels of dust. Similarly, reusable filters should be cleaned bi-weekly and replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions or every six months.

What are the different types of CPAP filters?

There are two main types of CPAP filters: disposable and reusable. Disposable filters are made of paper-like material designed to trap fine particles, while reusable filters are made of foam and can be washed and reused.

How do I know which CPAP filter is right for me?

Selecting the ideal CPAP filter involves considering your specific machine model, environmental factors, and any personal allergies or sensitivities. It's crucial to reference your CPAP machine’s manual or seek advice from a sleep therapy expert. Additionally, you can contact a professional at Sleeplay for a tailored recommendation.

How do I clean and maintain my CPAP filter?

To properly clean and maintain your CPAP filter, if it's reusable, simply rinse it under running tap water and allow it to completely air dry before placing it back into your device. Disposable filters cannot be washed and should be replaced as needed.

Where can I buy CPAP filters?

CPAP filters are available at Sleeplay, where you can find a wide selection of both disposable and reusable filters compatible with various CPAP machine models.

What CPAP machines are compatible with CPAP filters?

Most CPAP machines require model-specific filters for proper operation. Always verify compatibility by consulting your device's manual or product details. If unsure, contact Sleeplay for assistance.

How do I install my CPAP filter?

Installing a CPAP filter typically involves sliding the filter into a slot or compartment on your CPAP machine, usually located at the back or side. Ensure the filter is properly seated.

Can I use a CPAP filter with a heated humidifier?

Yes, CPAP filters can be used with a heated humidifier. The filter is installed in the CPAP machine itself and functions independently of the humidifier.

Can I wash my CPAP filter?

Only reusable CPAP filters can be washed. Disposable filters should not be washed and must be replaced when dirty or as per the recommended scheduley.

What do I do if my CPAP filter is dirty?

If your CPAP filter is dirty and reusable, wash it according to the manufacturer's instructions. If it's disposable, replace it with a new one.

What do I do if my CPAP filter is damaged?

If your CPAP filter is damaged, replace it immediately to ensure your CPAP machine continues to provide clean, filtered air during your sleep therapy.

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