July 20, 2020

Batteries For CPAP Machines

Batteries For CPAP Machines

All the information you need before you buy batteries for CPAP machines.

CPAP machines have been around for many years. They are recommended for patients suffering from sleep apnea and other respiratory diseases.

CPAP machines have various features and advantages. These machines are automatic and also very reliable. Yet, the one major limitation of CPAP machines is the need for electricity at all times and in all places.

Now, there is always this underlying question - How do we overcome this difficulty?

This article will give you the solution to this question, and the many others lingering in your mind, regarding the CPAP batteries.

What are CPAP batteries?

CPAP machines run on electricity. These machines need a continuous power supply to keep working efficiently. During thunderstorms, power-cuts, or even while traveling, this limitation can cause a lot of difficulty and inconvenience to patients having severe sleep apnea.

CPAP batteries were created to overcome these limitations. With their help, patients can use their CPAP machines with no complications.

Two types of CPAP batteries

Till now, there are two types of CPAP batteries - Lithium-ion batteries and Deep cycle batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries are one of the most common CPAP batteries. They have an efficient run-time period. Apart from that, they also have excellent portability.

If the efficiency is high, Lithium-Ion batteries can last for more than a single night. These batteries also get fully charged very rapidly, in just five to six hours. If the airlines permit CPAP batteries, then the patients can use the CPAP machine for in-flight purposes too.

  • Deep Cycle Batteries:

Deep cycle batteries, on the other hand, are more robust and heavier than the Lithium-Ion batteries and thus, are great for camping.

They are available at auto-part stores. These batteries can be difficult to recharge. Once charged, the deep cycle batteries last for a longer duration.

Thus, these CPAP batteries will make it a hassle-free journey for you.

Why use CPAP batteries?

It is essential to know why to use the batteries for CPAP machines. Given below are a few reasons to buy new CPAP batteries as soon as possible.

  • For Power-cuts

Power-cuts are a normal phenomenon for every house. They can occur because of many reasons like faulty circuits, electrical overload, thunderstorms, or natural disasters like earthquakes and cyclones.

In such situations, if the CPAP machines do not work, they can affect the patients severely. Hence, to avoid this, CPAP batteries are a must.

  • For Traveling

Some people might get worried about traveling once they are hooked to their CPAP machines. A lot of travel and camping enthusiasts, suffering from sleep apnea, need not give up on their dream of exploring the world just because of this.

CPAP machines at first are not portable, but using CPAP batteries makes them portable, as well as long-lasting. These batteries are rechargeable, and patients do not have to worry about finding a power source in the middle of a forest!

  • Portability and Battery Life

Recharging battery

CPAP batteries offer great portability. You can fully charge some of these batteries, like Lithium-Ion batteries, in little time. They are light-weight, making it easier to carry them around.

  • As a Backup

No matter how many plans you have, a backup plan is a must. CPAP batteries are the best backup option, be it for power-cuts, traveling, or any other purpose. 

It is one of those requirements which can be of use in the present or the future.

Deep cycle batteries are known for having long-lasting battery life.

Advantages of CPAP batteries

  • Easy to Carry

One of the significant advantages of CPAP batteries is their portability. Since CPAP machines only work through a power source, they cannot be used everywhere and at any time.

However, using portable batteries allows people to use their CPAP machines whenever they need it.

  • Light-weight

CPAP Batteries are mostly light-weight and, thus, can be easily carried around without any hassle.

  • Easily Rechargeable

It is easy to recharge many batteries like Lithium-Ion batteries. It takes just about a few hours to recharge your CPAP batteries, and you’re ready to go!

  • Affordable Cost

CPAP batteries are cost-effective. They can range between $400-$500 to sometimes, a massive figure of $3,500. The price of your CPAP batteries depends on the quality and the features of it.

  • Efficiency

CPAP batteries have longer run-time hours, and most of them can work up to 20 hours if they are charged fully.

Some modified batteries can also display how much battery is remaining for its proper utilization and use.

  • Adaptable

CPAP batteries work well with any kind of CPAP machine. They do not have any type of requirements. Your CPAP machine can be a top model or a low model, but the CPAP battery will work according to its efficiency.

Other features of CPAP batteries

There are some additional features of CPAP batteries to help you know more about it.

  • You can also use CPAP batteries in flights. These are FAA approved and thus are suitable for in-flight purposes as well.

However, there are specific guidelines which you should follow if you want to carry CPAP batteries:

  • Get a doctor’s letter stating the need for CPAP and also a copy of the FAA compliance letter of your machine.
  • For overseas travel, contact the airline a few weeks ahead of departing and enquire about the CPAP machine and the battery.         

These batteries do not tend to falter in harsh conditions and hence, are the best option for mountain climbers or hikers.

Man on top of a mountain.

  • CPAP batteries are well-suited for extreme climates, too. Researchers have found that CPAP machines work effectively at high altitudes.
  • Run-time of the battery depends on the pressure being used and machine type. Factors like your settings or if the humidification is working or not - affect the run-time of your battery.

In summary, selecting the right battery for your CPAP can differ based on the:

  • Type of machine
  • Pressure settings
  • Altitude
  • Use of humidification
  • Use of inverter

You can improve your battery’s run-time by not using the humidification when not required and also by preventing the use of an inverter.

  • Insurance does not cover the cost of CPAP batteries. One has to buy it according to the need and the price range.

There are many CPAP batteries in the market like ResMed Power Station II Battery Kit, DreamStation Go Overnight Battery, Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite, and many others, which will assist you in getting your beauty sleep with no technical troubles.

You can also check out other CPAP batteries and look at their features to choose the one that works best for you.

Written by The Sleeplay Team

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