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ResMed AirFit P10 Review

Dec 29, 2021
· 3 mins read

How fast your CPAP treatment progresses is directly proportional to how comfortable you are throughout the night. This means getting a mask that does not irritate you and that you are comfortable using night after night. This ResMed AirFit P10 Review explores the pros and cons of the Resmed Airfit P10 nasal pillow mask.

Pros And Cons of ResMed AirFit P10


Resmed Airfit P10


The ResMed Airfit P10 is the best-selling mask nasal pillow mask on the market right now. The clean, lightweight design seems to be the major selling point.

Some pros that make this mask particularly appealing are:

1. The Headgear

The P10 nasal pillow mask comes with Quick Fit Headgear. The fabric of the headgear is a stretchy, soft one. All the joint parts on the mask are labeled, so you figure out quickly how to attach the mask and the headgear to your face. In total, there are only three parts, so you can disassemble it quickly when you have to clean.  Resmed has now included clips so you can adjust the headgear when needed.

2. Stability

You don’t have to worry about the mask leaking. Airfit P10 has nasal pillows that fit into your nose. It also keeps the nasal mask in place. This way, even if you change your sleeping position throughout the night, you don’t have to worry about the mask slipping off. Add the fit of the headgear, and everything should stay in place.

Front view of AirFit P10

3. Minimalistic Design

woman wearing Airfit P10

It's a small nasal pillow mask with headgear and a thin band behind your head. Your field of vision is completely unobstructed. So, if you want to watch or read something before going to bed, you should have no problems.

The mask is 1.6 oz in weight. It's light, and you don't feel it on your skin. Because there is little contact with the rest of your face, there is less chance of redness and blotching.

4. Quiet

The ResMed s Quiet Air Technology is incorporated into the mask. The mesh vents at the front section of the mask ensure that when you exhale, it is a quiet, soundless one. As a result, your breathing is stable, and you don’t make sounds while sleeping. This helps you and your partner sleep without any issues.

Cons Of ResMed AirFit P10

These are the most common complaints from customers about AirFit P10.

  • Assembly is needed. Some customers take some time figuring out how to put the parts together. The package comes with a manual, so you can refer to that. Or there are video tutorials uploaded by the company, which you can rely on.
  • The headgear can start stretching before 6 months have passed (which is when you replace the headgear.
  • The nasal pillow cushions may irritate your nose if you suffer from sinus issues or congestion.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the majority of CPAP users would recommend the ResMed AirFit P10. The mask is easy to use and is compatible with most CPAP machines. But, most importantly, it leaves you an unobstructed view with minimal facial touching. If you are someone who experiences claustrophobia or you just do not like anything touching your face, we would recommend the Airfit P10 as the mask for you.


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