Brevida - Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

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Product Overview

Quality sleep is a gift!

The Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask is a minimalistic choice for better, deeper sleep. It features the AirPillow™ seal that extends from the tip of the nose to the cheek, resting just above the upper lip, securing the fit.

Get yourself ready to snooze.

Product Features

Experience a New Level of Comfort

The Brevida Nasal Pillow Mask gives you confidence in your CPAP therapy from the very first night. Brevida's key components make comfort and ease of use a top priority, so you can stay consistent with your treatment and enjoy endless nights of good sleep. 

Innovative AirPillow™ Seal Technology

Experience a secure fit with the AirPillow designed to be worn looser than other nasal pillows, with a cushion insert to provide a seal around the nostril. Therefore, less pressure is required to seal, giving you a more comfortable experience. 

As the CPAP air enters, the AirPillow inflates, sealing in and around the bottom of the nose. The silicone on the pillow is softer and thinner than other nasal pillow masks, which makes wearing this CPAP Mask a very comfortable experience for you. 

The soft yet snug nasal pillows deliver the therapy pressure you need without the leaks or discomfort. It's a safe bet for nose breathers, easy to fit, comfortable, and stays in place even when you turn to the side. 

Adjustable Headgear

The headgear is lightweight and durable, providing stability and minimizing contact with your face. It features a split strap design with adjustable Velcro tabs that stay in place without shifting, giving you the perfect fit all night long, no more struggling with multiple straps. The soft material won't leave a mark on your face or damage your hair.

Easy To Care

The diffuser, which reduces noise and air draft, is washable and durable. 

Quiet Experience

Calm nights are ahead for you and your bed partner. Brevida is an exceptionally quiet mask, and when paired with the included Eco-Friendly Elbow Diffuser, it becomes even more modest. 

VisiBlue™ Color Cues 

VisiBlue™ color cues make daily use much more straightforward and intuitive. They highlight key parts of the mask to allow you to fit and orientate your mask quickly. These cues make your CPAP routine much easier. Spend less time assembling and disassembling your mask, and more time enjoying the things you love!

360° Swivel Elbow

You can move around a lot in bed and still get the benefits of CPAP therapy! The 360° Swivel Elbow gives you a flexible connection to your main breathing tube so you can toss and turn freely without getting tangled or experiencing leaks. 

Two Sizes Included

The Brevida comes in two sizes, XS-Small and Medium-Large so that you can find the perfect fit for you.

    Product Specifications

    Brand: Fisher & Paykel
    Manufacturer: Fisher & Paykel
    Material: Polycarbonate/Lycra/Polyurethane Foam Laminate/Silicone
    Seal Material:  Silicone/Polycarbonate 
    Included In Box: Mask Frame, Cushion in Selected Size, Headgear, Set of Headgear Clips, Diffuser Cap, Elbow, Short Tube with Swivel
    Headgear Included: Yes
    Replaceable Cushions: Not Included
    Operating Pressure Range: 4-25cm H2O
    Operating Temperature Range: 41 to 104 degree F (5 to 40 degree C)
    Sound Power Level with Diffuser: 25.4 dBA
    Sound Pressure Level with Diffuser: 17.5 dBA
    Sound Power Level without Diffuser: 30.6 dBA
    Sound Pressure Level without Diffuser: 22.6 dBA
    Latex Free: Yes

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