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ResMed AirFit F10 Review

Jun 09, 2022
· 2 mins read

Launched in 2014, the ResMed AirFit F10 is still fairly popular among CPAP users. It is lightweight and comfortable. It is the kind of mask you want to go for if you’ve recently started CPAP therapy. Let’s see if this is the mask for you.

Features And Pros of ResMed AirFit F10

1. The Design

Resmed Airfit F10 mask

The AirFit F10 comes without a forehead rest piece, which is a relief. If you wear glasses, you won’t have issues with this full face mask. It is one of the lightest masks you will find in the market. The F10 is considered 15% lighter than almost all the usual range of full face masks.

The headgear straps that attach around the side of your face to the cushion can be removed when you please. You can loosen it if you feel itchy red marks forming on your face

There are four parts to the entire mask setup. This allows you to assemble and disassemble it based on your needs.

2. The Cushion

Resmed Airfit F10 cushion

The cushion for the ResMed AirFit is interchangeable. If it wears out, you can easily pick up another F10 cushion from ResMed to fit it. The cushion fits comfortably enough that you can breathe easily

The cushion has two walls. The outer wall inflates to make room for air while the inner wall provides support so the air doesn’t leak.

The cushion is also available in small, medium, large sizes.

3. The Noise Level

By all accounts, this is ResMed’s quietest full-face mask. The vents are at the elbow of the mask and it is a circular lineup. This way, the air flows in all directions, effectively blocking the mask from making loud noises.

4. Ease of use

If you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you can just pull off the hose from the cushion. The headgear is comfortable and is made with soft material. There’s also a deep groove at the nose area of the cushion for easy breathing.

The straps also don’t touch your cheek if you’re lying on your back. If you’re sleeping on the side, you should have a pillow underneath your cheek. This way the straps won’t dig into your skin. Overall, the straps are soft, so they are never uncomfortable.

Cons Of ResMed AirFit F10

● The mechanism to detach the cushion from the headgear is a bit tricky. You have to apply pressure on the side of the cushion to get it off.

● Some people complain about the noise. However, the noise only becomes a problem if the elbow isn’t connected to the cushion correctly.

Final Thoughts

The ResMed AirFit F10 has been in the market for some time. There’s a reason the full face mask has survived for so long. While full-face masks can be uncomfortable, the AirFit F10 has adjustments to make the experience better. A first-time CPAP user might benefit from using this mask.

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