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Philips Respironics Amara View Mask Review

Sep 01, 2022
· 2 mins read

Despite being a full-face mask, the Philips Respironics Amara View mask does not block your vision. But is that enough to convince you to buy it? Let's have a look at what else the mask has to offer.

Features And Pros of ResMed Amara View

1.    The Cushion

Amara view mask cushion

The silicon cushion has a simple design. It covers the tip of your nose as well as the complete mouth. This is a significant improvement over most full-face masks on the market, which always touch the bridge of your nose. The cushion is perfectly fastened to the frame.

2.    The Design

Philips Amara View Full Face Mask

The open field of vision is obviously tempting for a full-face mask. There is no brow support, and the mask frame is considerably small.

The mask frame has four adjustment points, two over your ear and two under your ear. As a result, the cushion is properly secured over your mouth. The magnetic clips allow you to remove the mask as needed. Another adjustment point is located at the crown of your head.

Furthermore, the elbow is where the cushion and the frame come together. So you can effortlessly clip it off when you need to use the restroom.

3.    The Noise Level

The vents are located on the cushion, directly beneath the nostrils. There's a whole slew of vents. The noise level is around 24.2 dB, which suggests there is very little noise. Unless you manage to suppress the vents, you should be able to sleep soundly.

4.    Ease of use

Woman fitting an Amara View mask onto a man

The magnetic clips make it simple to attach and detach the straps. You pull the cushion over your head after attaching it to the frame. The headgear straps and headgear are then adjusted to feel the most comfortable.

Overall, the headgear straps cover some of your cheekbones and the area around your jaw.

Some folks may find the entire clipping system inconvenient. However, because it is a full-face mask, it is almost inevitable that you will have to settle for something like this.

What's more appealing is that you can simply use glasses and read something before bedtime while wearing the mask.

Cons of ResMed Amara View

  • Some individuals have reported skin discomfort where the cushion touches their nostrils. They also provide a fit pack to help you establish a better seal for your nose without sacrificing comfort.
  • Some people find the magnetic attachment bothersome. They believe this makes removing the mask more difficult.

Final Thoughts

Phillips' Amara View mask is one of the smallest full-face masks available. In fact, the term alludes to the mask's ability to provide a clear field of vision while worn. The mask is compatible with Philips' whole sleep treatment product line. It is part of Philips' ANSWER series, whose objective is to give comfort throughout a patient's sleep therapy journey.

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