Night Owl Home Sleep Test: Everything You Need to Know

January 24, 2022
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The arrival of the new year always lends itself to thoughtful reflection, and this year is no different. The turbulence of the last two years has affected everyone, but those of us with Obstructive Sleep Apnea have been facing a unique set of difficulties. From an increased risk of infection of COVID-19 to the devastating news of the disastrous Philips Respironics recall, there seems to be no respite in sight. The effects of the recall and the exasperating ramifications of supply chain issues caused by the pandemic have been well documented; the recall has left three million people without a CPAP machine, and the sudden announcement, in conjunction with the disruption of global markets, has prevented other manufacturers from keeping up with the demand.

However, the issues caused by the recall and pandemic do not just stop at the production and distribution of much-needed CPAP machines--medical professionals specializing in OSA have also been deeply burdened. With so many people out of CPAP machines, doctors’ schedules have been booked for months, which has created an additional barrier that keeps patients from the necessary sleep therapy they need. But the situation is not hopeless! The advancements made in the field of medical sleep technology have made it possible to alleviate the burden placed on traditional sleep specialists, and we are excited to be a part of the solution with the introduction of the Night Owl Home Sleep Study.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Patients trying to get the necessary paperwork to resume therapy after the recall and patients going through the process for the first time have inundated sleep centers. For those who have previously been on CPAP therapy, the process of a sleep study is familiar albeit troublesome. For patients just starting, however, the longer wait times and general overwhelming feeling exasperated by the current situation can lead to confusion and discouragement. But Sleeplay is here to help, regardless of which category you fall under. Deciding to undergo a sleep study is a big decision and the answer may not always be clear. Obstructive sleep apnea can have a wide variety of symptoms that you can miss or attribute to something else. A few common symptoms include loud snoring, daytime drowsiness/fatigue, gasping for air during sleep, difficulty concentrating, and headaches and dry mouth. If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms it might be time to consider a sleep study.

What is the Night Owl Home Sleep Study?

The Night Owl Home Sleep Study eliminates the lengthy wait many OSA patients have been facing when trying to schedule appointments with sleep study clinics. While the name may carry the implication of a complicated contraption with many wires, the Night Owl is the size of a fingertip. It is an unobtrusive alternative to traditional visits to sleep study centers and works around your schedule -- all it usually takes is 3 nights of sleep data collection and you will be on your way to better sleep!

At-home sleep studies have been around for some time but have always faced criticism for their lack of accuracy. The Night Owl stands as a testament to the progression of medical technology meant for everyday people. Not only is this at-home sleep study as precise as conventional sleep studies, but because it is conducted from the comfort of your own home, it has an edge over the alternative. Sleep studies performed in clinics or sleep centers are notoriously dreaded by most people who have been advised to undergo testing. They involve sleeping in unfamiliar spaces with tubes entering the nasal passages, electrodes and wires stuck everywhere along the body, and a constricting strap placed around the chest. In theory, this may result in a precise and objective measure of a person’s sleep apnea, but the reality is that sleep is a delicate process and even minute alterations can disrupt it. These medical devices are accurate, but they are obstructive and uncomfortable. On top of this, studies have shown that we sleep best when we are in a familiar space. This method of compiling a sleep report can potentially lead to erroneous data. The Night Owl home sleep test gives you results as accurate as those you would receive from a sleep center without the excessive wires and foreign spaces.

How does the Night Owl Home Sleep Study work?

So how does it work? Our approach ensures a straightforward process with plenty of professional guidance along the way. Not just anyone can order a Sleep study, even those done from home. Only a doctor can prescribe one, which is why this process begins with a virtual consultation with a doctor specializing in obstructive sleep apnea. If they determine that it would be beneficial for you to undergo a sleep study, you will then proceed to the next step! Once you receive the physical device, you will then receive an e-mail with clear instructions on how to set up the test. After three nights of testing, the same doctor will evaluate the data and compile a sleep report. You then will receive an interpretation of this report designed to make it easy for you to understand. If it is determined that you have OSA, the doctor will write you a prescription for a CPAP machine and they’ll send it to Sleeplay.

Final Thoughts

Using the Night Owl Home Sleep Study can put you on a fast track to better sleep. In a time where everything seems to have slowed down, your therapy can’t wait. We’ll even credit the cost of the sleep study towards the CPAP machine you purchase with us to help alleviate the cost and get you started on your CPAP journey sooner, because when you sleep better, we do too.

Written by The Sleeplay Team

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