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Getting to Know the Dreamstation 2

May 11, 2021
· 6 mins read

Phillips Respironics has launched its new DreamStation CPAP machine named The DreamStation 2  Auto CPAP machine after its predecessor The Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP machine.   Though the names are almost identical you can think of it as a father and son where the son is completely different than the father.  The core values will always be the same but as for everything else, you would never mistake the two. 

Right out of the box the DreamStation 2 is a complete redesign and Respironics has done an amazing job when it comes to design. Making it 29% smaller and 32% lighter than the original DreamStation.  The Dreamstation 2 still comes with the things you would expect your CPAP to have like the humidifier, which used to be optional with the previous DreamStation but now the Dreamstation 2 has an adaptive integrated humidifier.  Philips Respironics has done this in the past with The Sleep Easy so it is a blast from the past as we would say.  Integrating the heated humidifier into the machine makes the machine more compact.  This is what Philips Respironics was going for, but we will miss taking the humidifier off especially for the patients who do not use one and those instances when you're going on a short trip and can make do without.  

Integrating the heated humidifier gives it a modern look while still being able to provide adequate humidification.  This makes this device closer to the travel CPAP on the market without the added sound level of a smaller unit or having to go without any humidity. So we can overlook the inconvenience of not being able to remove the heated humidifier.

Even down to changing the color from a pale white to matte black with a glossy black top make the Dreamstation 2 stand out from the predecessor. This new design makes it camouflage on your nightstand, no one would expect it to be a positive airway pressure device.  One of the new features we think everyone should check out is the color touchscreen which is a nice touch to add and eliminates the need for any knobs and extra buttons though we would like to have seen the screen a little bigger and have a better response.  No other top manufacturer like Resmed or Fisher and Paykel have a touchscreen on their devices yet, which leads us to believe that is shortly for all manufacturers.  

In the box, you will receive a power cord, reusable pollen filter, disposable ultra-fine filter,  new internal cell modem, water chamber, CPAP tubing, the DreamMapper app instructions,  user manual, and carrying case.  A Heated tube is still an option with The DreamStation 2 but it is not included unless you purchase it separately.

Welcome Change 

Philips Respironics Dreamstation 2

Change is something that is inevitable and with the Respironics DreamStation 2, and we welcome the change. To keep up with modern times Respironics improved on a great machine by making it more compact and user friendly, making it that much better than its predecessor.

Providing an intuitive touch screen display that eliminates the need for extra knobs and buttons is a good direction for Philips to have taken the DreamStation line. Changing the color from white to black is something that only makes sense as to be able to camouflage your device on the nightstand. Even adding a groove on the bottom of the machine to allow for the power cord to go through is a nice touch for people whose outlet is on the opposite side of the machine.  No one will suspect the machine to be anything but an alarm clock or radio. 

Sleep therapy can be difficult to get used to but with comfort features like ramp plus that allow you to adjust your CPAP starting pressure to a more comfortable pressure for you, up to the pressure range of the prescription.  It also allows you to change the ramp time in increments of 15 minutes from 15 to 45 minutes.  This is something that Philips Respironics had not done previously and would like to see this feature added to their travel CPAP the DreamStation go. 

Dreamstation 2 makes itself a very desirable option when you're looking for a new device due to its easy-to-use system and smaller, lighter design.  Another comfort feature of the DreamStation 2 includes pressure relief known as C-Flex helps the patient with the exhalation portion of the breath cycle which the previous device had.  While this feature is not new it is always well received by patients that are having trouble exhaling at their prescribed settings.  

Modern Conveniences

Dreamstation 2 whats in the box

For patients looking for modern conveniences like connectivity via Bluetooth to keep track of their sleep data.  This device has you covered with the DreamMapper app that lets you have all your data at the tip of your fingertips.  Now with enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in cellular modem, getting your sleep data will be a breeze.  Having your sleep data on hand will make you that much better prepared when you go see your sleep specialist.  

While modern conveniences do attract more patients to the DreamStation 2, patients that have obstructive sleep apnea are also looking for a machine that is quiet and from what we've seen or better yet heard, the DreamStation 2 will not disappoint.  With the compact design, we'd expect to give up some decibels but this device is not only 29% smaller and 32% lighter even with its power supply than its predecessor.  It's also almost silent, which will make your bed partner a happy camper.  The DreamStation 2 will also be available in auto CPAP (APAP) named The DreamStation 2 auto CPAP advanced. 

The sleek modern look of the DreamSation 2 gives it a nice appeal when you have it on your nightstand. Adding the touchscreen gives us the feel of a new age to CPAP devices and is one that we welcome with arms wide open.  

Reliability and Functionality

Dreamstation 2 with Dreamwear mask on a night table

The DreamStation 2 has updated its Bluetooth connectivity, added a built-in modem, integrated the heated humidifier, and put in an intuitive touch screen to make the DreamStation 2 well built functional device.  Knowing all modern devices have some form of touch screen, adding this feature to the new DreamStation only made sense.  All of these features have been added to the DreamStation 2 to increase the ease of use.

Whether you have had sleep apnea for years or have been recently diagnosed you can rest assured that the DreamStation 2 is backed by one of the market leaders in this space. CPAP therapy is something that Philips Respironics is dedicated to improving. In recent years their Dreamwear line of masks has come out to revolutionize the CPAP and BIPAP mask market.  Starting with a nasal mask then introducing the full face mask and finally a nasal pillow the Dreamwear line has been some of the top CPAP masks of recent years.  Of course, we cannot forget the 2-year warranty that comes with your new device that helps keep peace of mind knowing if anything should go wrong with your device, it will be fixed.

Final Thoughts

Are the added features to the DreamStation 2 enough to have you upgrade from the previous model?  That is something that each individual has to decide, as for us we would gladly take the upgrade.  The DreamStation 2 is headed in the right direction, even though we would like to see some features enhanced like having a bigger touchscreen with more enhanced response.  We think that the DreamStation 2 line of CPAP machines will start the touch screen era of CPAP devices.  It is the latest and greatest from one of the top manufacturers in the industry.  Now with the information in hand what will you decide?

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