Z2 Ultra Small - Travel CPAP
Z2 Ultra-Small, Travel CPAP, hold by a hand
Z2 Ultra Small - Travel CPAP
Z2 Ultra-Small, Travel CPAP, hold by a hand

Z2 Ultra Small - Travel CPAP

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Product Overview

We're talking small, ultra-small. 

This single pressure device, weighing just 0.65 lbs., is the perfect traveling companion. The device is whisper-quiet and includes waterless humidification to make carrying distilled water a thing of the past.

Product Features

Fixed Pressure Therapy

Single pressure means it delivers a fixed pressure therapy, set by your sleep specialist or health care provider, other than when the Ramp mode is activated. 

Z-Breathe® Comfort Feature

The Z-Breathe® Comfort Feature minimizes the common pressure swings to deliver comfortable treatment. This new feature makes it easier to exhale and improves the quality of sleep. Z-Breathe has 3 settings so you can set it to adjust your personal needs. 

Auto Start / Stop Feature

The Z2 automatically starts therapy once you place your mask on your face and identifies when treatment is complete or a leak and automatically turns off. It also includes the Z2's ramp feature, which allows you to start your pressure at a lower setting and ramp it up over time to let you adjust more gradually to sleep therapy.

Auto Leak Compensation

The device automatically compensates for minor mask leaks, or in the event of a detrimental leak, the display screen will warn you to ensure that the leak is corrected promptly.

Waterless Humidification with HME

Carrying distilled water is a thing of the past! The Z2 CPAP uses a Heat Moisture Exchange unit to retain and reuse moisture from your breath to keep the throat and nasal passages from drying out during therapy. 

Battery Life

For added battery life, an optional integrated battery called the PowerShell is available. The rechargeable, lithium-ion battery provides a full night's therapy on a single charge. The PowerShell can also be used as a backup power supply, automatically taking over during a power outage or blackout. The device is also compatible with external power sources such as Medistrom Pilot-12 Lite Battery


The machine does not require a special mask or tube; any mask is compatible as long as it does not have a proprietary connection. 

Travel Friendly

Fly worry-free and arrive at your destination, feeling rested! The Z2 Ultra Small - Travel CPAP has a max altitude capability of 8,000 feet and its FAA-approved so that you can carry it in your travel bag with no problem. If you are on a long flight and need to catch up on some Zzz's, this convenient device is practical for inflight sleep. 

Track Your Progress

You can keep track of your sleep data history with a USB connection to the free DataViewer program. This is important as maintaining tabs on your sleep therapy, helping you adjust your settings if needed, and enables you to stay consistent with treatment. 

The Nitelog app available for IOS and Android uses the Z2 Auto's built-in Bluetooth chip to sync data wirelessly. It also enables sharing to email data to your provider whenever you need to.

Quiet Experience

The Z2 uses an improved, quieter motor and includes a FREE Q-Tube CPAP Muffler to further reduce ambient noise from the device. 

Product Specifications


Voltage Capabilities 

100–240V, 50–60Hz

Pressure Range

4 - 20 cm

Operating Temperature

41° F to 95° F (5° C to 35°C)

Operating Humidity

 10–80% Relative Humidity


10.4 oz. (.65 lbs)


(L x W x H) 6.48" X 3.30" X 2.02"

Maximum Altitude

8,000 ft (2,433 m)

Storage Temperature

 -4° F to +140° F (-20°C to +60° C)

Noise Level

26 dBA

Casing Materials

Flame retardant engineered thermoplastic

Can it Be Used with Oxygen?

Not for use with oxygen.


2 years

Transport Altitude

  No limit


Approved  by FAA for in-flight use

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