ResMed AirSense 10 Elite CPAP Machine Package with HumidAir Heated Humidifier

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Product Overview

The premium single pressure machine integrates the HumidAir™ humidification system, making it 23% lighter than former models in a system with fewer parts. This is a single pressure CPAP machine which delivers a set pressure during use. This machine does not automatically adjust to change the pressure. You can add the optional heated ClimateLineAir™ Tube to enhance humidification and reduce rainout.

Product Features

HumidAir Humidifier

Heated humidification helps patients to sleep better and longer, without dry mouth or discomfort, during CPAP therapy. ResMed's HumidAir Humidifier is built directly into the AirSense 10 so it is much smaller and simpler than other "integrated" humidifier options. The humidifier is easily adjustable from the "My Options" screen on the device. You can turn humidity off completely or choose levels from 1 to 8, where 1 is the lowest humidity setting and 8 is the highest.

Add the optional ClimateLineAir™ heated tube which will set the humidifier to "Auto" mode and allow the humidity control technology to set the optimal humidification with very little rainout.

Intelligent & Whisper Quiet

The Easy-Breathe motor makes a peaceful environment for you and your bed partner. In addition, the machine has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the amount of light in the room. So if you get up during the night and need to pause your therapy, the screen will stay dim so it doesn't disrupt your partner. The screen's back light also turns off automatically to help you fall back to sleep without disturbance.

Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR™)

This feature offers a more natural delivery of pressure to soften the air flow. The machine smooths the breathing cycle by monitoring the breathing pattern and matches the inspiratory and expiratory cycle of the user. The EPR can be set to three different levels or turned off.

Sleep Detection

Helping make therapy comfortable from the moment you turn on your device. AutoRamp works by delivering a low pressure to help you fall asleep with ease. Once it detects you're asleep, it comfortably increases the pressure to ensure your prescribed level is delivered the moment you need it.

The SmartStart function begins your sleep apnea therapy as soon as you breathe into your mask. When you remove your mask, it stops automatically after a few seconds. Really, what could be more simple!

ClimateLineAir Tubing

When you use ClimateLineAir Tubing with the AirSense 10 the system's advanced Climate Control features are activated. Climate Control is an intelligent system that adapts to changes in room temperature, pressure flow, and mask and mouth leak, to provide constant, comfortable temperatures and humidity levels during sleep therapy. With Climate Control and ClimateLineAir Tubing your machine will maintain a set temperature and relative humidity at the mask while you sleep while minimizing condensation and rainout.

Therapy Tracking & On Screen Display

AirSense 10 Elite's onboard "Sleep Report" is a valuable tool letting you know how your therapy is progressing each day. In the Sleep Report you can view usage hours, mask seal indicators, humidification indicators, events per hour of use, average usage hours, leak rate, and AHI. The AirSense 10 Elite also includes central sleep apnea (CSA) and Cheyne-Stokes (CSR) detection to provide treating physicians valuable insight into the continued health of your patients.

AirSense 10 includes onboard therapy data storage with built in wireless communications so you and your doctor can review therapy progress and work together to ensure your treatment is progressing successfully. An optional SD Data Card is available to extend data storage capabilities.

Optional Online Program

Like your own sleep coach, myAir provides support during every stage of treatment by giving you access to your therapy data and continually track your progress and see how well you're doing. Emails or text messages can also provide helpful education and encouragement to support you along the way. As you mark your successes and celebrate your milestones with awards and badges, you'll stay motivated to keep going. Patients can view their sleep data from the previous night using the myAir dashboard. Intuitive icons and charts make the dashboard simple to understand and follow.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: ResMed 
Included In Box: AirSense 10 Elite, Built-in HumidAir Humidifier, Standard Humidifier Chamber, SlimLine Breathing Tube, Universal Power Supply with Cord, Travel Bag, Starter Filter, Filter Cover, Printed Users Manual.
HCPCS Code: E0601
GTIN / UPC Code: 00619498372058
Warranty: 2 Years - Review manufacturer's documentation for full warranty details.
Prescription Required: Yes
FAA Approved: Yes
Physical Specifications
Size  (ApproxCPAP with Chamber: 4.57 x 10.04 x 5.91 Inches
External Power Supply: 5.50 x 1.88 x 1.25 Inches
Weight (ApproxCPAP with Chamber: 2.75 Lbs
Weight (ApproxExternal Power Supply: 1.30 Lbs
Materials: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
Performance Specifications
Therapy Modes: CPAP
Pressure Range: 4-20 CM H2O
Ramp: AutoRamp with Sleep Detection
Standard Ramp User Adjustable 0 to 45 Minutes
Ramp Start: 4 to CPAP Pressure
Sound Levels: 26.6 dBA
Altitude Adjustment: Automatic Up To 8500 Feet
Leak Compensation: Automatic
Auto On/Off: Yes, SmartStart & Stop
Comfort Technology: EPR (Settings = Off, 1 Minimum, 2 Moderate, 3 Maximum)
Rainout Reduction: ClimateControl with optional ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing
Filters Disposable (Standard & Hypoallergenic Available)
Alarms: On Screen Messages Including High Leak Detected, Water Tub Not Inserted Properly, Air Tubing May Not Be Connected Properly, Mask May Be Fitted Incorrectly, Tubing Blocked, System Fault, Air Filter May Be Blocked, etc. 
Masks: Compatible with all CPAP & BiLevel Masks
Tubing: Compatible with all Standard, Performance, Slim Performance, SlimLine, and ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing.
Humidifiers: Built-in HumidAir Heated Humidifier
Oxygen: Up to 4LPM (Requires Adapter or Mask with Oxygen Port)
Therapy Data & Compliance
Data Storage: Onboard, SD Data Card (Optional)
Data Included:
    • 365 Days of Summary Data; Variable Amount of Detailed Data Including Usage Hours, Events (AHI) Per Hour, Mask Seal, Humidifier Functionality, Days Used, Days Used More Than 4 Hours, Average Usage, Used Hours, Average Pressure, Leak Rate, AHI, Total Apnea Index, and Central Apnea Index.
Data Viewing:

Data Viewing On Screen Sleep Report, MyAir Online, Desktop Software Not Available to Consumers

Humidifier Specifications
Humidifier: Built-in HumidAir Heated Humidifier
Chamber Capacity: 380 mL to Maximum Fill Line
Humidifier Chambers: Standard and Optional Long Life Dishwasher Safe
Humidifier Notes: Humidifier plate can be turned OFF, and used as a "cool passover" humidifier, to conserve energy. Humidifier chamber CAN be left empty if heater plate is turned OFF.
Humidifier Power: NA (Built in to CPAP Device)
Humidifier Settings: Off, 1 Minimum to 8 Maximum
Power Specifications
AC (Wall) Power Universal:  AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
AC Power Supply: Yes
AC Power Supply Size: 5.50 x 2.00 x 1.25 Inches (Approx)
AC Power Supply Weight: 1.30 Lbs (Approx)
AC Power Cord Length: 12 Feet (Approx)
Power Consumption: 53 Watts Typical; 104 Watts Peak
DC (Mobile) Power: Optional Accessory
DC Power Supply Size: 6.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 Inches (Approx)
DC Power Supply Weight: 1.69 Pounds (Approx)
DC Power Cord Length: 9 Feet 5 Inches (Approx)
DC Power Cord Fuses: 20 Amp
DC Power Input: 12 Volts or 24 Volts
DC Power Consumption: 51 Watts Typical; 106 Watts Peak
Battery Power: Optional External Accessory

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