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Amara Full Face CPAP Mask with Gel & Silicone Cushions

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Product Overview

Are you a beginner with the Amara Mask? This is a great option if you either want to try the Amara for the first time or replace an existing Amara with both cushion options.

The Amara stand out from other traditional full face masks with a small and lightweight mask design. It features both a silicone and gel cushion in the selected size that can be added or removed with a single click for an opportunity to try both styles of cushion to find an optimal fit and seal.

Product Features

Product Features

Gel and Silicone Dual Wall Cushions

Providing two seal options: the traditional style silicone cushion and the popular gel cushion. The silicone cushion provides a more conventional seal with the inner wall helping keep the mask in position while the outer flap creates a seal as the mask receives airflow. The gel cushion offers a reliable and comfortable feel with the thicker inner gel wall contouring the face to lock in the best position while the outer gel flap tailors to the face to create a seal.

Light & Simple Components

The mask elbow and frame consist of lightweight materials, weighing less than more rigid full face mask designs. The single click design of the cushion makes cleaning simple and fast. Both the gel and silicone cushions are attached to a single piece, clear shell which enables the cushion to be added or removed from the mask frame with one click

Versatile & Compatible

All sizes of both Silicone and Gel cushions fit the Reduced Size frame. The one click design makes it simple to change or replace the cushion. To replace the cushion, line up the elbow inside the frame and the port on the front of the cushion then push until there is an audible click. Frame and headgear from other versions of Amara are interchangeable.

Sized Headgear

The Amara headgear comes in two sizes original and Reduced Size. It is designed to support the mask and maintain the seal. The RS headgear is packaged with the Petite and Small Amara. The Medium and Large Amara come packaged with the original size headgear.

Fine Glide Forehead Support

The fine glide button featured on the Amara's forehead support allows depth adjustments to be made easily and in small increments

Quiet Exhalation

The size and number of the micro ports results in quiet operation and guides the airflow away from bed partners and the user.

Important Tips

Important Tips

  • The Amara gel and silicone CPAP mask features both a silicone and gel cushion for added comfort and excellent sealing
  • This mask is made with lightweight materials making it weight less than more traditional full face masks
  • This mask comes with standard sized headgear but for those who have small head sizes you can look for the “reduced sized” headgear


Manufacturer:Philips Respironics Size Available:Medium Included in Box :1 Medium Amara full face mask frame with gel and silicone cushion, headgear Mask Materials:Polycarbonate, Silicone, Acetal Copolymer, Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer, UBL, Urethane Foam; Nylon; Lycra

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