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Live, Love, Breathe Lung Exerciser

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The only made in the USA respiratory muscle training device purposefully built to strengthen intercostal and diaphragm muscles | live, love, breathe again inhalation and exhalation lung trainer uniquely offers two functions: resistance training on inhale and resistance training on exhale. you can set either the inhale or exhale knobs to 5 different levels of resistance, offering exceptional and unmatched strength and conditioning that can be adjusted and increased over time.

Product Features

Product Features

Master The Flow Of Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide

Your Diaphragm and intercostal muscles are essential for breathing but their health and conditioning is so often overlooked in preventative healthcare. The Live, Love, Breathe Intercostal and Diaphragm Trainer/Exerciser helps you focus on building strength in these two critical muscle groups, allowing easier breathing and oxygenation.

Therapy Made Easy

If you struggle with the symptoms of Asthma, COPD, CHF, dysphagia, or neuromuscular disease like dyspnea, peak cough flow, laryngeal function, QOL, vent weaning, or speech and swallowing performance, then the Live, Love Breath Intercostal and Diaphragm Trainer/Exerciser is here to help. The Live, Love, Breathe Lung Trainer includes 3 separate mouth pieces of vary size and dimensions, giving the user the option to choose which fits them best.

Updated Design With Easy To Turn Knobs

I asked my 92-year-old grandmother Laura Jeanne what she didn’t like about other RMT devices and she told me plain and simple: the knobs are too hard to turn. This statement got the ball rolling and our team started redesigning a 25-year-old model in desperate need of an update. We ended up with a design featuring extended knobs with grooves built in them, meant to be turned with your interdigit folds (the space between your fingers) and not the tips.

24/7 USA Customer Support

Blue Echo Care is an American Medical Device Provider located outside of Portland, Oregon. We design, build and manufacturer our products in our facilities in the USA and are proud to partner with American companies and support hundreds of American workers with jobs. We care deeply about hardworking Americans and don’t want jobs going overseas. Because of that, we only employ American customer service representatives. Buying Blue Echo Care, is buying American.

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