Earn Sleeplay® Rewards
Become a member and earn points and exclusive rewards every time you shop.
How it Works
Sign up
Create an account and earn 25 points.
Earn points
Earn points every time you shop.
Redeem points
For every 100 points you earn, you'll get $10 off when you check out.
Ways to Earn Sleeplay® Rewards Points
Join The Sleeplay VIP
  • Silver
    • 1x Point Multiplier
  • Gold
    • 1.25x Points Multiplier
    • 100 Points Upon Entry
    • 50 Birthday Points
  • Platinum
    • 1.5x Points Multiplier
    • 200 Points Upon Entry
    • 75 Birthday Points
How to Use Your Points
Redeeming your points is easy! Just click Redeem points, then copy and paste your code at checkout.
Earn 1 Point Per $1 Spent
$5 off
50 points
$10 off
100 points
$20 off
200 points
$50 off
500 points
Refer a Friend
GIVE $25, GET $25 OFF
Give your friends $25 off their first order of $100 or more, and get $25 for each successful referral.