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We got you covered for a better therapy with our extensive assortment of CPAP supplies for every machine and mask we carry. Remember to replace and clean your CPAP supplies in a regular way for a better therapy.
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    S9 H5i Heated Humidifier

    ResMed S9 H5i Heated Humidifier


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    CSpring MK2 with ResMed AirSense 11
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CPAP Supplies FAQ

Everything you need to know about CPAP Masks

Can I use my insurance to purchase CPAP supplies?

Yes, many insurance plans cover CPAP supplies. We offer assistance with insurance verification and can help you navigate the process to ensure you receive the maximum coverage available. Reach out to us!

How often should I replace CPAP supplies?

It's generally recommended to replace CPAP supplies regularly for optimal performance and hygiene. The specific replacement schedule may vary, we suggest replacing the mask cushions, filters, and tubing every 3-6 months. Check out our suggest replacement schedule

Do you offer a warranty on CPAP supplies?

Yes, we provide manufacturer warranties on most CPAP machines and masks. The duration of the warranty may vary depending on the specific product. Please refer to the individual product listings for warranty information.

What if I need assistance with setting up or using my CPAP equipment?

Our customer support team is here to help. We offer support for product setup, troubleshooting, and general CPAP therapy questions. Feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or live chat, and we'll be happy to assist you!


30 Night Risk-Free Trial

Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we offer a 30 night risk-free trial on all Masks.


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