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CPAP Accessories: Which One to Buy and Why?

Aug 28, 2020
· 11 mins read

Your guide to finding the best CPAP accessories.

Are you a CPAP user? Do you use your CPAP machine regularly? Are you facing any trouble with your CPAP machine? Do you wake up feeling uncomfortable due to your CPAP machine? If the answer to all the questions is ‘Yes,’ then, this article is for you.

CPAP machines have been made available for many years. These machines faciliate in increasing the efficiency of people suffering from sleep apnea. Combined with a tube and a CPAP mask, they help in pushing the air through your nostrils or mouth. This air pressure helps in regulating your breathing. It also prevents the collapsing of your respiratory tract and organs.

However, at the end of the day, the CPAP machine is simply a machine. This machine can get damaged or require additional support to work efficiently. It may also not suit your requirements and give you discomfort.

So, to solve all the above problems, there are many CPAP accessories in the market to help you in getting a good night’s sleep. We will discuss some of the best CPAP accessories and why you should buy them.


Purpose of CPAP Accessories

There are CPAP accessories of different kinds. Each CPAP accessory has a unique purpose and can give you a restful sleep at night.

Before buying CPAP accessories, it is important to know the various purposes it can serve like:

  • Reduces Skin Irritation

Certain CPAP masks may cause severe discomfort to your face. It may be too tight or too loose. The straps may feel rough on your skin. There are chances that you might even wake up with skin rashes, dry nose, and mouth. You might also feel your eyes itch or be extremely dry.

So to reduce all kinds of irritation, there are many types of CPAP accessories to give you relief.

  • Reduces Congestion

Due to some reason, your nose might feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Now, this may cause an inconvenience while you’re sleeping and you might want to remove your CPAP mask while sleeping.

So, certain CPAP accessories can help you get over this problem of feeling congested by easing up your breathing process.

  • Hygiene

What if your CPAP mask has a pungent smell to it all of a sudden? Well, the reason is that your skin has various dust particles, oil particles, and skin cells too. These particles can clog up your mask and make it smell extremely musty. Moreover, it is also unhygienic to breathe through a dirty mask.

CPAP accessories can help in cleaning each and every corner of your mask to make you feel fresh and pleasant again.

  • Reduces Bloating

Many CPAP users have felt a bloating sensation after waking up. Some people have also reported constant burping after waking up. Now, this might have been caused due to the increased air pressure in the lungs.

Some of the CPAP accessories help in reducing bloating by maintaining the overall air pressure.

  • Increased Moisture

Waking up with a dry mouth is one of the biggest concerns of all CPAP users. It can be due to many reasons, one of them being a defect in your CPAP mask.

Certain CPAP accessories can help you by increasing the moisture content in your mask and treating the issue of a dry mouth.

CPAP accessories also serve various purposes other than the above five mentioned ones. They can help in increasing your comfort by tenfold.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best CPAP accessories to buy, along with product examples.


Best CPAP Accessories Available in the Market Today

CPAP machines are quite expensive, so it is not always feasible to change your machine repeatedly due to any inconvenience. However, you can improve your CPAP therapy by making use of some of the best CPAP accessories.

Some of the most effective CPAP accessories include humidifiers, CPAP masks, CPAP wipes and sprays, CPAP Pillows, Hose holder, CPAP filters, etc.. Let’s discuss the best CPAP accessories in detail.


CPAP Cleaners

Keeping your CPAP machine clean and hygienic is an integral step towards efficiency in breathing. However, cleaning your mask can get time-consuming.

here are many CPAP sanitizers and cleaners that can help you in cleaning your CPAP machine without any major efforts or time requirements.

CPAP cleaners like Lumin and SoClean offer the best services to keep your CPAP mask clean. All you have to do is safely insert the CPAP machine parts inside the cleaner’s chamber and let the machine sanitize and clean your machine effectively!

Moreover, these cleaners also let you sanitize other products that can fit inside the chamber.

Why clean your CPAP machine?

There are many reasons related to cleaning your CPAP machine such as:

  • Accumulation of dirt particles can reduce the machine’s efficiency
  • Not cleaning your CPAP machine can lead to the growth of microorganisms
  • Increasing microorganisms may even cause microbial infection
  • If the machine’s mask is not cleaned, it can lead to a musty smell

Benefits of buying CPAP cleaners?

It is important to know why you should consider buying a CPAP cleaner. Let’s take a quick look at all the reasons:

  • Prevents the growth of microorganisms in your mask
  • Kills all the germs that may cause infection
  • Removes the extra dirt due to dust particles, dead skin cells, and facial oil accumulations
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Just takes five to ten minutes to clean your CPAP machine

Product Review

Name: SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

Brand: SoClean

 SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner


SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer is an excellent cleaning machine for your CPAP. It uses Ozone technology to get rid of 99.9% germs and gives you a clean and sanitized machine. The chamber is wide enough to fit the CPAP parts.

This machine also works rapidly and efficiently, along with having customized features. For more information on CPAP cleaners, click here.


CPAP Humidifiers

CPAP humidifier is one of the most important and effective CPAP accessories. Firstly, what is the use of a humidifier? A humidifier helps in increasing the moisture content in your mask and thereby, increasing breathing efficiency by ruling out the issue of dryness.

Researches say, “Patients above the age of 60 require CPAP humidifiers five times more compared to young CPAP users.” Additionally, patients who are prescribed two or more types of medication may also require CPAP humidifiers.

Who should use CPAP humidifiers?

Hence, humidifiers are required for:

  • CPAP users above the age of 60
  • CPAP users who are prescribed two or more than two medications
  • CPAP users who are also mouth-breathers
  • CPAP users who wake up with a dry mouth
  • CPAP users who often face the problem of nose congestion

Benefits of CPAP humidifiers

CPAP humidifiers can reduce overall dryness and also treat many other problems such as:

  • Skin-dryness
  • Nose congestion or irritation
  • Headache due to congestion
  • Dry cough
  • Cracked or bleeding lips due to dryness
  • Mouth-dryness
  • Irritated and dry respiratory tract

You can get the above benefits by just buying a simple humidifier for your CPAP machine.


Product Review

Let’s talk about one of the best CPAP humidifiers, you can buy online.

Name: DreamStation Heated Humidifier

Brand: Philips Respironics



This is one of the best humidifiers available in the CPAP market today. It is built with the latest technology to make your sleep comfortable and easy.

It has various features like adaptive humidification option to balance the moisture content by adjusting the heating level as per the requirement. It also has a user-friendly chamber design to avoid any complications. In addition, it has a dry box technology to prevent water leakage from the humidifier.

Overall, a humidifier is definitely a must-buy CPAP accessory.


CPAP Pillows

Are you feeling uncomfortable due to your CPAP machine? Well, CPAP pillows have come to your rescue. CPAP pillows are a great alternative for those who are unable to sleep because of their CPAP machines.

These pillows have a proper structure and indentation for your comfort, strong fabric to reduce neck and spine aches, and stabilizers to hold the CPAP tube in its place. These pillows help in keeping your mask intact and prevent leaking caused due to movement in sleep.

Why do you require CPAP Pillows?

CPAP pillows are required for the following reasons:

  • If you have a habit of constantly moving in sleep, these pillows can help in keeping your mask intact
  • It can prevent air leakage from the mask due to mask movement
  • Due to the strong structure, these pillows can also solve problems like the spine and neck ache.
  • Gives you a proper posture while sleeping and increases breathing efficiency.

Benefits of CPAP Pillow

These pillows have various benefits like:

  • Indented center for a comfortable head and neck space
  • Prevents air-leakage
  • Has structures to keep the CPAP tube in its place
  • Reduces muscle stiffness and ache
  • Improves breathing efficiency
  • Less bulky and more durable


Product Review

Name: EnduriMed CPAP Pillow

Brand: EnduriMed



As you can notice, this pillow has a specific type of design to keep your neck and head in place, along with making them feel comfortable. This pillow can reduce muscle stiffness and is also light-weight.

EnduriMed CPAP Pillow is durable, comfortable, and easily portable too.

Find the best CPAP pillow reviews here.


CPAP Mask Accessories

There are many CPAP accessories for CPAP masks like mask liner and mask gel. These accessories help in preventing any mask-related inconveniences like ill-fitting masks and tight masks. These masks can cause many skin-related problems and other problems.

Why do you need mask accessories?

You may need mask accessories because of the following reasons:

  • Due to uncomfortable mask
  • To prevent mask leakage
  • To reduce skin irritation
  • To prevent the accumulation of dirt in your mask

Mask Liner

If you do not like the direct contact between your mask and your skin, mask liners are the best CPAP accessory for you. These mask liners are a small piece of cloth that acts as a barrier between your skin and the CPAP machine.

Benefits of Mask Liner

Mask Liner has many benefits such as:

  • It absorbs all the extra oil and other particles that may accumulate in your CPAP mask
  • It also prevents air leakage
  • It can prevent irritation due to CPAP machine
  • It can also reduce red marks and rashes on the skin


Product Review

Name: Snugz Mask Liners

Brand: Snugz



This mask liner has 2 protective cloths inside it that can last for up to 90 days. They help in reducing air leakage. They also prevent skin rashes and redness. These masks are also machine-wash friendly and long-lasting. 

CPAP Gel Cushion

Another CPAP mask accessory is the CPAP gel cushion. This gel cushion fits comfortably around your nose and seals it properly. This sealing can help in preventing air leakage from your CPAP mask.

Benefits of CPAP Gel Cushion

Some of the benefits of the CPAP gel cushion are:

  • Flexibility
  • Comfortable material
  • Prevents leakage
  • Tight sealing


Product Review

Name: Philips Respironics Cushion for Amara Gel Full Face Mask Replacement

Brand:  Philips Respironics

 Philips Respironics Cushion for Amara Gel Full Face Mask Replacement


This gel-cushion is great for tight sealing. It is made up of silicone so it is not too hard on the nose either. Additionally, it’s available in four sizes for you to choose according to your comfort.


CPAP Hose Accessories

Are you unable to move positions at night due to the long CPAP tube? Are you getting entangled in the mess of your CPAP tube? Well, there are many CPAP hose accessories that can help you in getting restful and comfortable sleep.

These hose accessories include a CPAP hose holder that holds the hose in its position without disturbing your sleep.

Why do you need a CPAP hose holder?

You may need a CPAP hose holder because of various reasons like:

  • You tend to turn a lot while sleeping
  • Your CPAP hose is too long
  • Your CPAP hose entangles you
  • Your CPAP machine’s efficiency got less due to a longer hose

Benefits of  CPAP hose holder

There are many benefits of using a CPAP hose holder like:

  • CPAP hose holder will not tug and disturb your sleep when you move
  • It creates a suitable hose position for efficient breathing
  • It will keep the CPAP hose in its place
  • You can carry it for traveling purposes too


Product Review:

Name: Bodyhealth CPAP holder

Brand: Bodyhealth

 BodyHealt CPAP Holder


This hose holder can help in holding the CPAP hose in its place. It’s also lightweight to not burden you with any extra weight. It’s extremely durable for long term use. It has a flexible arm that moves as you move to keep the efficiency of the hose intact. This holder also does not need a lot of space as it is collapsible and you can fold it too.

Overall, a hose holder is a great product to add to your cart.


CPAP Moisturizers

Many patients have experienced side-effects of CPAP like skin dryness, dry nose, and in worse cases, nose bleeds too. They can affect the quality of your sleep and also cause infections if they do not get timely treatment.

So, to avoid this, there are many CPAP moisturizers available in the market to help you sleep comfortably, without any kind of irritation. 

Why buy CPAP moisturizers?

It’s not a must to buy CPAP moisturizers but we definitely recommend using it because of the following reasons:

  • Certain CPAP masks cause skin breakouts
  • Many patients have also faced the issue of dry skin
  • In severe cases, dry skin can lead to bleeding too
  • CPAP users also face nasal dryness
  • Continuous use of CPAP may result in allergies
  • Any other kind of discomfort related to skin

Benefits of using CPAP moisturizers

There are a lot of benefits if you use CPAP moisturizers like:

  • Reduces skin breakouts
  • Gives a cooling effect on your skin
  • Prevents skin dryness due to CPAP machine
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Reduces friction on your skin
  • Prevents nasal dryness too

So, CPAP moisturizers are a handy solution to prevent dryness and irritation. However, certain researchers say that it may lessen the lifespan of your CPAP machine.


Product Review


Brand: Contour Living

 Nasal Moisturizer


As the name says, this moisturizer can help in easing nose dryness. It contains aloe vera extract that can help in preventing irritation and dryness. This moisturizer is also inexpensive compared to other CPAP accessories.


CPAP Accessories for Traveling

You might find traveling with the CPAP machine a hard job due to the bulkiness of it. However, what if you found some CPAP accessories that are made just for traveling purposes?

There are numerous CPAP accessories like CPAP travel briefcases, power adapters, batteries, CPAP travel kits, etc. These accessories can make traveling with CPAP easier for you and take a load off your head!

Why do you need CPAP accessories for traveling?

You may need travel CPAP accessories for the following reasons:

  • For more portability
  • For camping
  • For easy packing
  • For storing other CPAP equipment

Benefits of travel CPAP accessories

There are many benefits for travel-related CPAP accessories like:

  • CPAP batteries can help you enjoy camping or hiking treks without worrying about finding a power source
  • CPAP batteries are often lightweight and portable
  • CPAP travel briefcase can make your CPAP machine easily portable
  • CPAP travel briefcase can also allow you to store other equipment


Product Review

Name: Philips RespironicsDreamStation CPAP Travel Case

Brand: Philips Respironics

 Dreamstation Travel Case


This briefcase contains wide compartments to adjust all your CPAP supplies. It is comfortable to carry and also has zip compartments for easy access. The material is extremely durable and lightweight. It looks professional and sleek giving it a modern look.

Thus, CPAP travel accessories are definitely worth buying for your next adventure!


We hope this list helped you in deciding which CPAP accessory which suits you the best.  Remember, it may incur some extra costs but nothing is expensive when it comes to your comfort and healthy sleep!

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