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SoClean 3 Review

Jan 01, 2024
· 4 mins read

The entire SoClean product line has been a savior for people who don’t feel satisfied after cleaning their masks with soap and water. These machine cleaners don’t require you to disassemble the mask before you clean it either. According to the manufacturer, the device disinfects 99.9% of germs in two hours.

Till now, SoClean has lived up to this promise. What about the new SoClean 3 launched by SoClean Inc. then? Is it somehow even better than the previous products in the line?

Soclean 3

SoClean 3 Review and Overview

The Design

The new SoClean 3 is completely different in design from the previous ones.

On the back of the machine, there is a small compartment. This is the area for you to insert the filter cartridge. The cartridge must be replaced every 6 months or so. The machine will let you know when it is time for you to change filters.

Underneath the compartment, there are 3 USB connecting points. One is for connecting the machine to a plug so you can switch it on. The other two USB ports can be used for charging your phone and such. This way, even if the machine is on your nightstand and plugged into the main plug point, you can charge your phone, Airpods, etc.

The ozone tubing is inserted right underneath the USB ports. The other end of the tubing must be connected to a special adapter that connects with your CPAP device. You should check on the compatibility of your CPAP device with SoClean 3 for this reason.

The Functionality

The SoClean 3, much like the previous two SoClean machines, uses ozone to sanitize the CPAP masks and other components.

Something people misunderstand about these kinds of cleaners is that they aren’t CPAP component cleaners. These are sanitizers. You still must wash and clean the components. The ozone sanitization process is for getting rid of any germs that might have gotten away.

If there is visible dirt or dust on the mask, you must wash it the traditional way. First, you must use slightly warm water and gentle soap to clean the items beforehand. Then, you can place them inside the machine for disinfection.

If you don’t clean the dirt, the ozone air will stain the equipment. This will require you to clean and polish the equipment all over again.

The main point of SoClean 3 is that you don’t have to wash your equipment frequently. You clean it now and then, and the machine will take care of the rest.

For the machine itself, if you press the button on the top of the SoClean 3, the lid opens. You can put your CPAP mask inside. There is a small space on the side of the lid where the CPAP hose can be kept. This way, you don’t have to reassemble the entire headgear, frame, cushion, and hose set while sanitizing.

There is also a LED light inside the machine. So, you have a clear view of how you’re keeping your sleep equipment inside the machine.

The cycle button is located on the top of the lid to the left. When you press it, the 2-hour cycle will begin, provided you don't forget to add the tubing to the machine. If the machine does not detect the tubing to the side of the lid, the cycle won’t work.

When you see a green tick mark on the control panel, you know the cycle is finished. You can remove your sleep equipment from the machine safely.

Additional Features

There is a delay button in the middle of the lid. If you press it once, it delays the sanitization cycle for 2 hours. However, if you press the delay button four times, the delay cancels itself.

It’s a useful feature if you face some issues after inserting the mask inside the machine.

There is a button on the extreme right. It is the fresh air button. This will supply a fresh layer of clean air to the equipment. The hose and mask must be inside the machine with the lid closed, otherwise, the fresh air cycle won’t start.

If you want to cancel an active cycle, you only must press and hold the lid button for 5 seconds. A red exclamation danger signal pops up if there is some issue with the cycle. When you see the amber light, you should change your filter soon.

Then, there is the wonderful LED cycle progress bar. It’s a blue light that runs from left to right. When the light reaches the extreme right, the cycle is near completion.

If the light starts flashing blue, the machine is canceling the cycle.

If the light on the progress bar turns red, it means an active ongoing cycle has been cut off. For example, this could happen if the electrical source for the machine is powered off suddenly.

Final Thoughts

As with all SoClean sanitizing machines, the SoClean 3 also has a 2-year warranty.

If you like the device, it’s inexpensive for its features. Sleeplay provides various payment plans so you can pay for the device over a three to six or twelve-month period. You can find adapters for the machine on our website or in other retail stores.

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