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Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner Review - Is It Good?

May 10, 2022
· 3 mins read

Your source of relief from sleep apnea can become a nightmare if you don’t keep your CPAP mask and tube clean. Now, while you could do plenty of home remedies, the most efficient way to clean the CPAP parts is to use a CPAP cleaner. So, let’s see if the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner lives up to its promises in this review.

One Click Cleaner

Sleep8 CPAP sanitizing system

This is probably the feature that made you look up Sleep8 CPAP cleaner review in the first place.

Yes, you can clean all your CPAP machine components in one click with this cleaner. First, you have to connect your tubing to the port inside the bag, then you can place your CPAP mask and humidifier inside the bag.

Zip up the bag. Attach the tiny Sleep8 cleaner machine to the bottom of the bag via the port. Press the power button, and Sleep8 will begin its cleaning cycle. It usually takes one hour to clean all the parts.

Compared to spraying sanitizer on all the components, a one-click cleaner is the most hassle-free thing you can find. It does leave room for error on whether every nook and cranny will be cleaned, that is why it is recommended to wipe down the mask with a CPAP wipe before putting it inside the bag. From how the parts appear after the cleanup, it seems so.

Another problem is that Sleep8 can’t clean the memory foam cushion. Foam is too sensitive for machine cleaning. You should detach the foam cushion from the CPAP mask before you place it in the Sleep 8 bag.

Travel Friendly

The Sleep8 machine itself weighs 0.5 lbs. You can carry it inside your CPAP machine bag if you want. The Sleep8 bag is made of plastic so you can fold it when you need to go somewhere.


The Sleep8 cleaner can clean all kinds of CPAP machine parts. So it doesn’t matter if it’s the water chamber from ResMed AirSense 11 or Philips DreamStation 2, the Sleep8 cleaner bag would work.

Please note, you cannot clean extremely sensitive material such as foam parts. Nose cushions with foam in them wouldn’t work either.

Bag Replacement

Sleep8 bag

How the Sleep8 cleaner works is that the tiny machine fills the Sleep8 bag with ozone to kill the bacteria. As such, the bags have to be replaced every 90 days. So you can consider this a bit of an expense, though the bag does not cost much.


Before you place the CPAP components in the bag, you have to wipe them all. You want to get any dust or dirt out of the way. Otherwise, the ozone supply into the parts would cause them to lose their color, turning pale over time.

Final Thoughts


Who it's best for:

  • Shoppers looking for a travel CPAP cleaner
  • Those seeking an exceptionally small-sized device


  • Travel friendly.
  • Easy & convenient

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You must wipe the dirt and dust even if you have the Sleep8 cleaner. The primary function of the cleaner is to kill the bacteria rather than the outer layer of dust. You will still have to get a separate wiper or a sanitizer for basic dust. The device has an eighteen-month warranty, while the charger has a twelve-month one. Considering the price, it is a pretty good deal.


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