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Best Companion Apps to Enhance Your CPAP Therapy

Oct 07, 2020
· 8 mins read

Find out the best sleep apnea app just for you! 

The app market has taken over the world. From lifestyle-related apps to medical-related apps, you can find almost everything on the app store.

Similarly, there are plenty of apps that can accompany users to enhance their CPAP therapy. These apps help in monitoring your sleep, collect snoring related data, check your breathing pattern, and lastly, assist you in understanding the progress of your CPAP therapy.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best sleep apnea apps that can help you get rid of sleep apnea symptoms! Read on to know more.


Why Do You Need Sleep Apnea Apps?

There are various reasons why you may need a sleep apnea app to keep up with your CPAP therapy. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons given below.

●     Monitors Your Sleeping Efficiency

Sleep apnea disrupts your sleep entirely. It causes inefficiency in breathing by causing partial breathing or no breathing at all. So, once you start your CPAP therapy, it becomes essential to note down.

Sleep apnea apps help in monitoring your sleep efficiency. They take note of your movements throughout the night to check the number of deep sleeping events and light sleeping events.

●     Checks Heart Rate

Usually, people with sleep apnea have a higher heart rate compared to others. It can get worrisome because a high heart rate can cause various heart ailments in the future.

So, to ensure that your CPAP therapy is going well, certain sleep apnea apps also help monitor your heart rate throughout the night. These applications can, thus, help you to understand your health and fitness-related results.

●     Have Data Related to Snoring

If you are a sleep apnea patient, you may know that snoring is one of the biggest symptoms. Snoring can cause extreme discomfort to you as well as the people around you. It can also cause serious illnesses like cardiac-related ones.

So, these apps have a sleep apnea recorder that evaluates your snoring and gives you the previous night’s results on the next day.

●     Monitors Your Daily Productivity

Apart from using CPAP, being productive is one of the ways of treating sleep apnea. Walking, exercising, and other such physical activities contribute to your treatment.

Some sleep apnea apps consider that and also give you data about your daily productivity.

●     Helps You With Sleeping

You may wonder how a sleep apnea app can help you with sleeping. Yet, most of the apps do so.

These apps have an inbuilt music playlist that has soothing music to help you fall asleep. It also helps you by reducing your heart rate and making you feel relaxed.

Thus, sleep apnea apps can have various benefits by helping you stay on track with your CPAP treatment and assisting you to fall asleep.


Best Sleep Apnea Apps for Both Android and iOS Users

Are you clueless about sleep apnea apps? Well, don’t worry because we will talk about some of the best sleep apnea apps available in both the play store and app store.

So, let’s get into it!


SleepTracker 24/7

 Sleep Tracker APP

Source: Play Store

Available Platform: Both Play Store and App Store

Average Ratings: 3.9 stars (on Play Store)

Sleeptracker 24/7 is one of the best sleep apnea apps for both Apple and Android users. It functions with cloud-based IoT sleep optimization solutions through the help of AI technology.

Sleeptracker provides proper sleep graphs by monitoring the changes in your heart rate, respiration rate, and sleeping movements.

You can also understand the various phases of your sleep period - like the REM period, deep sleep period, or light sleep period.

It also provides many other features like:

  • An AI Sleep Coach

You may wonder what an AI sleep coach is. As the name suggests, it is a virtual coach that analyzes your sleep performance and other patterns.

Based on that, it gives you tips on how you can improve your sleeping and breathing efficiency.

  • Heart Rate Monitors

SleepTracker 24/7 also has a heart rate monitoring feature present. This feature takes note of your heart rate throughout the night and displays accurate data in the morning.

This way, it allows you to check if your heart rate is normal or not.

  • Respiratory Monitors

SleepTracker also has inbuilt respiratory monitors that check your respiratory pattern and gives you a proper analysis of it.

It checks the breathing rate, impartial breathing, and no breathing instances at night.

  • Inbuilt Sleep Cycle Alarm

This app contains an inbuilt sleep cycle alarm. This alarm system will ring and wake you up at the optimal time of your sleep cycle to ensure a refreshing morning.

  • Fully-automatic Sleep Monitoring

SleepTracker allows fully automatic sleep monitoring. All you have to do is turn it on and look out for the results in the morning.

The regular version of this app is for free. However, you may have to pay for the premium version if you want that.




Available Platform: App Store (Apple)

Average Ratings: 4.2 stars

Source: App Store

Sleep++ is another efficient app to monitor your sleep. However, note that you can use it only with an Apple watch.

It checks the motion and health monitoring data of your Apple watch to gauge the quality and duration of your sleep. You have to wear your Apple Watch, and the next morning, you get your sleeping statistics and reports to check if you slept efficiently or not.

There are two modes available on this app - automatic and manual.

In the automatic mode, you just have to wear your Apple watch during the night and wait for the Sleep++ results to come in the morning.

However, in the manual mode, you can set the time when you go to bed and, similarly, add the approximate time when you are going to wake up.

It provides certain features like:

  • Sleep Tracking Feature

This app has a sleep tracking feature that can easily track your sleeping pattern and give you results based on that.

  • Monitors Heart Rate

Sleep++ also allows you to monitor your heart rate efficiently. There is a graph displaying the highs and lows of your heart rate and helping you understand the efficiency of your CPAP treatment.

  • Automatic Settings

This app can easily start working by guessing that you are asleep. Similarly, it stops when it realizes that you have woken up.

So, you do not have to worry about anything as almost everything is automatic unless you choose the manual settings.

Overall, this is a great app for Apple Watch users and also completely free!


SnoreLab: Record Your Snoring

 SnoreLab App

Source: App Store

Available Platform: Play Store and App Store

Average Ratings: 4.3 (on Play Store)

If you are a sleep apnea patient with a severe snoring issue, this app is the perfect companion app for you.

SnoreLab helps in monitoring your snoring habits and measuring it effectively. It also enables you to find ways to reduce snoring based on your data.

In this app, you just have to turn on the app, keep it beside your bed, and wait till the morning. After you wake up, you can check the statistics like when did you snore or how loudly. You can also listen to specific highlights.

Some of the features of SnoreLab are:

  • Snoring Detection Algorithms

Snoring detection algorithms help in detecting how many times you snored throughout the night. Additionally, it is also useful to get a detailed analysis.

  • Records Your Sound

Are you curious about how you sound while you snore or how loud you are? Well, this app can also help you with that by recording your snores.

So, you can listen to them and know where you stand.

  • Gives a Snore Score and Compares Snoring

This app also gives you a snore score based on the snoring data and analysis. Additionally, it helps to compare the data between two nights and check the improvement.

  • Provides Snoring Remedies

Are you unaware of snoring remedies? Well, don’t worry. SnoreLab can also help you by providing you with various cures for snoring to help you out.

Thus, SnoreLab is one of the best apps for snoring analysis. Another plus is that it is free and has rarely got any negative reviews on either of the two app platforms!


Sleep as Android

 Sleep As Android App

Source: Play Store

Available Platform: Play Store

Average Ratings: 4.5 stars

Sleep as Android is one of the best apps for sleep apnea patients with android phones. This app also allows sleep tracking and giving you accurate data about your sleep.

Additionally, it has a smart alarm clock that can wake you up at an optimal time to ensure a healthy and fresh morning.

This sleep apnea app android has certain features such as:

  • Ultrasonic Sleep Tracking

Do you not want to keep your phone on the bed while sleeping? Well, no need to worry because with its ultrasonic sleep tracking feature, Sleep as Android can track your sleeping pattern even when the phone is away from you.

  • Gives a Sleep Score

Are you someone who is motivated by scores? Then, this app is perfect for you. Sleep as Android provides a score to you depending upon your sleep quality, snoring, duration, and sleep irregularity.

  • Soothing Playlist

Sleep as Android has a soothing playlist for you that you can listen to and calm your nerves. Additionally, it also allows for Spotify integration.

  • Monitors Other Things

Sleep as Android also helps in monitoring other things like your respiratory performance. It also records sleep talking along with snoring noises.

So, what are you waiting for? Install this app right now and get these free benefits along with others if you are willing to pay!


Customized Apps for CPAP Users

If you have a Respironics or ResMed CPAP machine, then you are in luck! These two companies have their CPAP app to monitor your sleep efficiency.

Respironics has a Philips DreamMapper app that can track sleep duration, CPAP leaks, and AHI score. It also offers customized tips and tricks to improve your CPAP therapy.

Similarly, ResMed has a ResMed myAir app for its CPAP users. It gives you a decent sleep score based on its data and statistics. It also offers coaching tips to improve your therapy, along with some great videos.

So, this makes up the list of best companion apps for sleep apnea patients.


Final Word From Us

In the age of technology, it becomes very necessary to make full and productive use of it. If you are a patient of sleep apnea, there is no better way to use technology and apps than to make it a weapon against your sleep disorder.

So, go ahead and install any of the above apps and enhance your therapy experience.

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