Resvent Ibreeze DC Power Cord


Resvent Ibreeze DC Power Cord

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Product Overview

This DC Power cord enables you to power your CPAP/BIPAP machine using an EXP PRO Battery. To connect your CPAP/BIPAP machine to the EXP PRO Batteries, you will require this DC charging cable. EXP PRO provides DC charging cables for various popular CPAP/BIPAP machines.
Product Features

Product Features

Portable Power

With the DC Power Cord, you can power your Resvent Ibreeze CPAP/BIPAP machine using a DC power source, such as a battery or a vehicle power outlet. This feature allows for greater flexibility and portability, making it ideal for travel or situations where AC power is unavailable.

Reliable Performance

The DC Power Cord is built to deliver a stable and consistent power supply to your Resvent Ibreeze machine. It ensures that your therapy remains uninterrupted, providing you with a reliable and comfortable sleep experience.

User-Friendly Design

The DC Power Cord is designed with user convenience in mind. It features a durable and tangle-free cable that is easy to handle and store. The connectors are sturdy and securely attach to both the Resvent Ibreeze machine and the power source, minimizing the risk of disconnection during use.

Safety Assurance

Resvent prioritizes safety, and the DC Power Cord is no exception. It incorporates built-in safety features, such as overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection, to safeguard both your Resvent Ibreeze machine and the connected power source from potential damage.



Manufacturer:EXPPRO Included in box:Resvent Ibreeze DC Power Cord, user manual Size:Standard size, compatible with Resvent Ibreeze CPAP/BIPAP machine Weight:Lightweight and portable Warranty:1-year manufacturer's warranty included

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