Monaghan Strive Peak Flow Meter
Angled view of Monaghan Strive Dual Peak Flow Meter
Monaghan Strive Peak Flow Meter
Angled view of Monaghan Strive Dual Peak Flow Meter


Monaghan Strive Peak Flow Meter (PFM)

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The slim Strive Dual Zone Peak Flow Meter is designed to fit in your pocket ready to use anywhere. Perfect for children and adults. The easy to use design makes keeping track of your health a breeze

Product Features

Product Features


Asthmatics experience problems when their airways constrict and thicken, reducing air flow. The Strive Dual Zone Asthma Peak Flow Meter (PFM) is a tiny, slim device that fits in your pocket and is ready to travel anywhere.

Stay On Top of Your Lung Function

An asthma peak flow meter is a device that monitors how quickly you can expel air from your lungs after taking your heaviest breath. This is known as the Peak Expiratory Flow, and it is measured in LPM (lpm). Strive Dual Zone PFM measures peak flows between 50 and 800 lpm, with a low flow scale of 50 to 350 lpm and a high flow scale of 200 to 800 lpm. Within the same device, there is a dual zone asthma peak flow meter. The state of your airways is determined by this measurement. It's crucial to know what your normal reading is. If you use the Strive Dual Zone PFM every day, you'll be able to detect an infection even before symptoms appear.

Custom Reading

Everyone's normal reading will be determined by their age, gender, and height. Take your readings for a period of two to three weeks when you are not suffering from a respiratory infection or other situations that may prevent you from doing so at a usual time. Take your measurements in the morning and evening, as well as after you've taken your inhalers.

Important Tips

Important Tips

How to use:

  • Stand or sit up as straight as possible, while still being comfortable
  • Take as deep a breath as possible
  • Do not inhale through the device
  • Put the Strive® PFM mouthpiece into your mouth, make sure you keep your lips tightly sealed around the mouthpiece
  • Blow out as hard and as fast as possible
  • Repeat steps 2 through 5 as many times as instructed by your physician or health care professional
  • The daily record covers 35 days. Write your name on the line provided, start with today’s date, enter dates of next 35 days across the top of the record in spaces provided. Under each date is a graph for charting PEF up to three times a day
  • Begin entering results in your Daily Record in the left hand column of the chart
  • Subsequent results are entered to right
  • Once the red flow indicator comes to rest at your final PEF, make an “X” to record the measurement number under the appropriate Date and Time heading


Manufacturer:Monaghan HPIS Code:680-330-60-0

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