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Sunset Healthcare Solutions Citrus II CPAP Mask Wipes

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Product Overview

Not so diligent about cleaning your CPAP equipment? That’ll be our little secret.

Not to worry, our handy wipes are the perfect solution for practical and convenient everyday cleaning of masks, machines, tubing, and more.

Keep a steady supply of wipes by your bedside and stay free of germs.  Exclusively formulated for safe and efficient gentle cleaning, deodorizing, and maintenance of all types of CPAP, BiPAP, Oxygen Therapy, and accessories. Using it regularly will effectively remove the build-up of dirt, grease, oils, and organic residue.

Product Features

Effective and Convenient

Clean sleep therapy equipment is essential for healthy and efficient treatment. These disposable wipes are a great addition to your daily CPAP cleaning regimen, making cleaning a breeze compared to having to wash and rinse your sleep therapy equipment every day. Their convenience is unparalleled and helps create a healthy habit for sanitizing your gear daily. 

It's good practice to wipe down your sleep therapy equipment before sanitizing with a cleaning machine as it removes deposition that's hard to get rid of using UV light or Ozone (activated oxygen) and helps maintain your gear in good shape. Easy to use and keeps the flexible parts of the unit and accessories like new and odor-free. 

Travel Friendly

These wipes are a lifesaver when traveling. Traveling can compromise your cleaning routine, but a steady supply of convenient CPAP wipes can solve this problem while on the go. Take them with you wherever you go: on a flight, camping, road-trips, and sleep soundly knowing your CPAP items are clean and safe to use.  

Durable High-Quality Material

The cleaning sheets are thick, strong, and very moist. They don't dry out before they've been used and safely clean and deodorize CPAP equipment removing dirt, oil, and organic residue. They are simple to remove from the dispenser and are also gentle on the hands.


Cleaning wipes always come in handy. These CPAP wipes can be used on other medical equipment and are also great for cell phones and other delicate items. Keeping your personal use items germ-free helps you stay healthy.

Safe and Easy Maintenance

It just keeps getting easier. There is no need to rinse your accessories after cleaning with wipes; simply let it air dry for a few seconds after use.

The wipes are alcohol and solvent-free and should not damage your equipment, plus there is no lingering after-smell.


    Product Specifications

    Brand: Beaumont Products
    Manufacturer: Beaumont Products
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    Included In Box: 62 Cleansing Wipes
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