Side view of AirFit P10 For Her.
Side view of women wearing the AirFit P10 For Her.
Front view of women wearing the AirFit P10 For Her.
Back view of the headgear from AirFit P10 For Her.
Side view of AirFit P10 For Her.
Side view of women wearing the AirFit P10 For Her.
Front view of women wearing the AirFit P10 For Her.
Back view of the headgear from AirFit P10 For Her.

AirFit P10 for Her - Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

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This product requires RX.

Item #: 62910

Product Overview

A real dream. With this featherlight mask, you might forget you’re wearing a mask at all. Never feel constricted again, and enjoy the freedom of having a full-frontal view with its unique split-strap headgear and minimalistic design.

One of the quietest and most modest masks you'll find, made of only three parts. It is easy to use and covers very little of your face while gently dispersing exhaled air away from you and your partner.

PS. Good night, sleep tight.

Product Features

Award-Winning Design

A mask that gets you excited about sleeping. The sleek design for minimal contact won a world-coveted Red Dot Award for excellent product design. The unique split-strap headgear offers minimal facial touch while still offering exclusive performance and reliability. The mask provides remarkable comfort and effectiveness in a female-friendly size.

Quiet Experience

The AirFit P10 is ResMed's quietest mask yet at just 21.4 dBA, equivalent to the peaceful sound of a calm area with no wind. The mask is approximately 50% quieter than its leading nasal pillows mask and features QuietAir™ woven-mesh venting technology for a silent and disturbance-free experience. 

Ultimate Comfort

Made of durable and comfortable material designed for freedom of movement without compromising the mask's seal. This mask has greater patient acceptance due to its lightweight that makes you forget you're wearing a mask in the first place and leaves no marks or dents on the face. 

Dual-Wall Nasal Pillows

The AirFit P10 For Her's Nasal Pillows are color-coded for sizing and easy identification: Extra Small (pink), Small (clear), and Medium (gray). Large pillows with a blue color ring are available separately for those with larger nostrils.  

The nasal pillows feature a soft outer wall for comfort and a secure inner wall for support and ultimate performance. An integrated air chamber adapts to natural movements during sleep so you can rest in your favorite position without compromising your treatment's effectiveness. 

Quick-Fit Auto-adjusting Headgear

AirFit P10 For Her's unique QuickFit auto-adjusting headgear is comfortable slipping on and off by simply spreading the rear straps apart for a looser fit or bringing them closer together for a tighter fit. The extremely light elastic headgear gently stabilizes the mask and pulls the pillows comfortably into place without any extra steps, clips, or adjustments and will not cause any discomfort during CPAP therapy as it gently stabilizes the mask and pulls the pillows into place. 

User Friendly

The mask includes only three parts: nasal pillows, headgear, and mask frame with an integrated short tube. For easy use, the clips are color-coded for fast assembly. 

Mask Cleaning

To ensure your equipment's safety and performance, it's essential to clean the tubing, nasal pillows, and vent daily. The headgear can be washed weekly. After repeated usage, the headgear may become loose and lead to leaking. In this case, you may rinse in warm water, squeeze out water and leave to dry and help it return to its original form.

Integrated Flexi-Tube

Forget about getting tangled in the tubing of your mask and feel free to move in your sleep again. The AirFit P10 For Her includes an integrated, lightweight flexible short tube that is flexible while maintaining seal and stability.

    Product Specifications

    Brand: ResMed 
    Manufacturer: ResMed
    HCPCS Reimbursement Code:​ A7034
    Included In Box: CPAP Nasal Interface Mask, Headgear (Pink or Gray), Short Tube Assembly, and Small, Medium, and Large nasal pillows, carrying bag
    Prescription Required: Yes
    Cushion Type: Silicone
    Adwords_grouping: Nasal Pillow Mask
    GTIN: 619498629008
    Mouth Breather: No

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