Guarantee Policy

Not satisfied with your CPAP mask? We offer our customers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on our masks. This guarantee gives you a 30-day period in which we will allow you to exchange your mask (1) once.

30-Day Mask Satisfaction Guarantee!

It can be difficult to estimate the sizing needed for a new CPAP mask, and it can also be difficult to adjust to sleeping while wearing one. As such, we offer our customers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to our customers on our masks. This guarantee gives our customers a 30-day period in which we will allow you to exchange your CPAP Mask (1) once per the lifetime of the customer. This trial period will allow you time to get a feel for your equipment to ensure proper fit, comfort level, and the chance to test the mask quality. In the event that the mask does not meet your expectations, we will allow it to be exchanged for the mask and size of your choice within a 30-day time period from your date of purchase.

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This is an excellent way for our customers to try new masks without having to worry about the cost of the mask, or being displeased with the fit of the mask! We are happy to provide this service to our customers to help make you feel more comfortable in knowing that you will love the products you purchase. If you have any questions regarding our policy, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Mask exchanges must be received at our facility within the 30-day exchange period, including transit time. Please contact us prior to sending your mask for a unique identifying number that will allow us to correctly recognize and sort your exchange promptly. Please include a copy of your packing slip and confirmation number with your returned mask, in the packaging when shipped back to us. We will provide an exchange within 10 business days of our receipt of your returned equipment.

Once your mask exchange has been approved. You will receive a gift card with a maximum* price of what you paid for the original mask minus the cost of shipping from your original order.

*If the price of the mask you requested when using our mask exchange program is less than the original price you paid, you will receive the price of the new mask only minus the cost of shipping from the original order in a gift card.

This 30-day guarantee applies ONLY to our masks, and any other items purchased at the same time as your mask, will be subject to the General Return Policy listed above.

IMPORTANT: Mask exchanges must be sent back in the original manufacturer packaging including all papers, instructions, and parts. Failure to return the original mask with all of the parts and components will result in a denial of the exchange. 

Note: Sleeplay will handle each exchange on a case by case scenario with the right to decline if the customer is taking advantage of the exchange program.