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Z2 Auto CPAP Machine Review

Aug 03, 2022
· 5 mins read

There are numerous CPAP machines on the market that manufacturers claim are suitable for travel. In terms of true portability, however, none of them come close to the Z2 Auto CPAP machine. With such a small machine, you might wonder if significant features had to be sacrificed. In this Z2 Auto CPAP machine review, we'll find out.

The Features and Advantages of Z2 Auto CPAP Machine

Breas Z2

The Z2 Auto CPAP machine was designed with portability in mind. It is suitable for long flights, as well as train journeys and car rides. If you have the portable PowerShell with you, there is no need to connect the device to a power cord, allowing you to continue your CPAP therapy anywhere.

However, there is more to the machine than its portability. It is simple to use and intuitive. Let's learn more about the device's advantages and disadvantages.

True Portability

Z2 inside the Powershell

The Z2 Auto CPAP machine is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It weighs only 10.4 ounces. It measures 3.3 inches wide by 6.48 inches long. Consider it your slightly bulky mobile device.

The machine has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), so you can use it in flight as well.

You can also purchase PowerShell, an integrated battery designed for travel. You can sleep for 8 hours with the CPAP machine and PowerShell without using any kind of cord connection.

If you're going to be driving for a long time, this is the CPAP machine to bring.

There's even an automatic altitude adjustment option. The device would work even if you were 8000 feet above sea level.

Data Storage and Reporting

The Nitelog App is an accessory that works with the Z2 Auto CPAP machine. You can enter your data directly into the app. You can use Bluetooth to transfer data from the device to your iOS or Android mobile device. Show it to your doctor so they can review your therapy progress.

The Nitelog app is completely free. When you purchase the Z2 CPAP machine, you also purchase the app. The app also allows you to change settings on the machine.

Of course, the machine comes with a micro-SD card. Instead of using Bluetooth transfer, you can save the data to an SD card and then connect it to your phone to upload it to the app.

Intelligent Pressure Relief

The Z2 Auto machine performs more APAP tasks than CPAP devices. The basic function is to detect your breathing pattern and alter the supply of air pressure accordingly.

The pressure release function reduces exhalation pressure. As a result, breathing with CPAP becomes simpler, especially if you are new to the therapy. There are three degrees of pressure; instead of relying on auto-detection, you may alter it manually.

The first level suggests modest alleviation. The second floor provides some respite. Finally, the pressure reduction at the third level is enormous. Patients new to CPAP therapy begin with the third level and progress to 1 until they can move to 0.

The pressure alleviation technique is patented by the manufacturer named Z-Breathe.

Smart Humidifier Filter

HME filter for Z2 travel CPAP

The Z2 auto device has no built-in water chamber. A device so tiny couldn't possibly account for it.

Instead, the current humidifier method eliminates the requirement for a water chamber entirely. The Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) filter is what you have. You attach it to the other end of the tube, which controls the amount of moisture. This is a no-water solution.

Noise Level

The machine has a dBA level of 26. Some clients have expressed genuine surprise at the amount of quietness. Because of the absence of selectable noises, they would question their spouse whether it was even working after turning it on.

Another reason you can rely on the machine to fly smoothly. The loudness is one of the reasons why no one likes to use their CPAP machine on flights, even if it has been allowed by the FAA.

Some devices promise to have low dBA but never deliver. However, the Z2 Auto CPAP machine looks to keep its promise in the important aspects.

Universal Compatibility

Breas Medical is the manufacturer of the Z2 Auto CPAP machine. However, unlike many medical vendors, they have no trouble producing an equipment that is generally useable.

To use the machine, you do not need to adhere to their tubing, filter, or mask. You can use masks from different CPAP manufacturers and the machine will still operate.

Leak Compensation

It's pointless to start CPAP therapy if air seeps through the mask regardless. Getting CPAP masks that fit the contour of your face is one approach to control this. Adjustable straps are very handy in this situation.

However, the mask might still fall off when you move about in your sleep, especially if your sleeping pattern is disrupted due to sleep apnea.

The Z2 Auto CPAP machine, thankfully, features a leak compensating system. This implies that if there is a visible leak in the air pressure supply caused by the mask, the machine will detect it.

Consequently, the pressure will rise, allowing you to maintain the required air pressure despite the leak. You can see leak reports on the system afterwards. If you find a leak, you can change your mask or better adjust it in time.

Smart Ramp

When first exposed to the recommended air, new users nearly find it difficult to breathe. It's not pleasant to feel a surge of air expand your lungs.

They are irritated and find it tough to sleep all night. This is the polar opposite of what your doctor wants for your sleep apnea therapy. The smart ramp function regulates how much air pressure you feel at the start.

You can adjust the ramp pressure to begin lower than the minimum pressure recommended so that you can become used to the air pressure. You may adjust the ramp duration to anything between 5 and 45 minutes, depending on how long it takes you to fall asleep. The ramp pressure will rise until it reaches your maximum.


Surprisingly, the warranty is one of the machine's most appealing aspects. CPAP devices typically have a two-year warranty.

The Z2 Auto CPAP machine comes with a three-year guarantee. This is especially welcome given the nature of the equipment. It is a little machine with operations that may be difficult for typical repairers to understand.

A guarantee ensures that if the parts fail, you have the manufacturer to fall back on.

Final Thoughts

The Z2 machine is a deal for anybody searching for a compact device to travel with. It is effective because it provides just the right amount of comfort. When most people glance at the product, they will not realize you are carrying a CPAP machine.


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