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Sleeplay helps you achieve the best and deepest sleep during the night. If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea, CPAP machines are the solution. Find here the top brands in the market like ResMed and Philips Respironics.

ResMed N30i Review

Jun 09, 2022
· 3 mins read

Except for the ResMed AirMini, the ResMed N30i is compatible with all CPAP machines. Because of its comparable design, it is frequently compared to the P30i. While the styles are very similar, there are several areas where the N30i may be more appealing. Let's have a look to see whether this is the right mask for you.

Features And Pros of ResMed N30i

1. The Cushion

Airfit N30i Cushions

The cushion for the ResMed N30i cradles your nose. It doesn’t go into your nostrils but sits comfortably under it. There are two slots on the mask which you would line up with your nostrils. The cushion itself is small and touches your face only where it needs to. It is lightweight and prevents your face from feeling irritated with its minimal design.

2. The Design

Resmed Airfit N30i nasal mask

The part of the frame that connects with your face is wrapped in fabric. This is excellent for reducing itchiness and red marks on your face due the frame.

The headgear at the back is thick and has Velcro straps for any adjustments you might wish to make to the fitting. The elbow is at the back, on the top of your head. When you wear it, the elbow will be somewhere above the crown of your head.

It uses a quick-release mechanism for the elbow.

The mask only covers your philtrum and the side of your face. So, you also have a clear field of vision.

3. The Noise Level

There are three vent sections on the RedMed N30i mask. Two of the vents are where the cushion connects to the frame under your nostril. Another vents is at the elbow. So, you have three points for exhalation, making it a particularly quiet mask.

However, if the vents at the elbow are accidentally covered, it could make some sounds at night. The sound rating is 24 decibels to be exact.

4. Ease of use

There are only three connecting points in this lightweight mask. Not to mention, all of them have a snap mechanism. The frame fitting can be loosened or tightened as needed with the Velcro tabs.

You must release the straps, slip the mask on, and then snap the straps back in place. Since the elbow is at the top of the head, you can detach the mask from the hose easily and go to the bathroom when you need to.

Cons of ResMed N30i

● Some people seem to think the mask is too flexible. It’s so easy to adjust that the mask headgear gets displaced at times.
● Since the elbow is at the top of your head, if you flinch too much in your sleep, the area might get covered. This makes the mask slightly noisy.

Final Thoughts

The ResMed N30i fame is available in standard and small sizes. The cushion is available in small, small wide, wide, and medium sizes. You should easily be able to get a cushion that fits the size of your nose. It is with the frame that you might face some trouble, but the headgear Velcro straps offer flexibility in this regard

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