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Evora Full Face Mask Review

Jan 29, 2024
· 3 mins read

From Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, the Evora full-face mask is the latest addition to their line of compact masks. Good news! It is available in the U.S so this is the perfect time for you to decide if this is the mask for you.

1. The Design

The design is best described as compact. The headgear touches minimal parts of your head and face. The straps join at the top of your head.

There are straps connecting to the side of your face, mostly around your cheek. The mask also is directly over your mouth and touches just where the nose starts. Otherwise, your eyes, nose, and cheeks are completely free of the mask.

There are two size options for the headgear: standard and large. The standard size will fit most people. However, if it doesn’t fit, the larger size has bigger straps for you to adjust.

On the back of your head, right where the neck area is, the headgear has a ventricle patch. It’s a part of the velcro with soft tissue and holes for air to pass. The entire design is optimal for deterring sweat and heat gathering at the back.

2. The Cushion

The mask can be bought in what we call a fit pack. The pack has cushions of three sizes. It has a small to medium cushion, an extra small cushion, and a large cushion. However, it is not the mouth size that is different for all the cushions.

What’s interesting is that the size varies in these cushions where you breathe through your nose. So, you will find cushion sizes that will fit in snugly with the shape of your nose.

The cushion itself is relatively soft and doesn’t feel heavy on your face. It’s particularly soft around your nose but has enough support to not slip throughout the night. The seal is simply fantastic.

3. The Assembly and Disassembly

The headgear straps are attached to the cushion with a clip-like system. You turn it a little as if you are turning a key, and it comes off.

You put the slightest bit of pressure, and the velcro comes off. So, you can remove the headgear and velcro without separating them from each other. It’s also interesting to note that you can wash the velcro, and when you put it back on, you will notice there have been no changes in adjustment. This is particularly convenient.

The clips are sturdy and easy to detach. The velcro from F&P has always been of good quality. This one is no exception. There are tab sections in the velcro, so you can hold on properly while changing them.

To remove the cushion, you must press gently to the side of the mask frame where it is connected to the cushion with clips.

The only tough part about detaching is when you have to disconnect the hose from the mask frame. It requires more pull. Mainly, if it’s a child or someone with weak hands, they will have a tougher time.

Otherwise, every part of the mask is easy to detach and reattach.

4. The Noise

Overall, the noise emitted from the Evora full-face mask is controlled. This is because the exhalation ports are all over the mask frame. Overall, it keeps the mask from making much noise.

You do hear some whistling noises now and then. You can feel the condensation forming too. So, it is an area the F&P can look to improve.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new full-face mask, the new F&P Evora full face mask definitely looks promising. Functionality-wise, the design is excellent. For example, if you want to go to the bathroom at night, you can take off the cushion, hose, and mask frame while keeping the headgear on.

It’s also great for sleeping due to the ventricle patch, as you don’t sweat through the night. So have fun trying the Evora Full Face Mask.

Gustavo Fernández

Medically reviewed: Gustavo Fernandez

Advanced medical student at the Central University of Venezuela. He has experience as a clinical observer in The Division of Respiratory Medicine at St. Paul's Hospital and participated in research related to respiratory diseases at the University of British Columbia (Canada).

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