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Best Full Face CPAP Masks of 2024

Jan 09, 2024
· 12 mins read

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is one of the best treatment options for those with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a common disorder marked by repeated disruptions in airflow during sleep.

CPAP users must choose between different mask styles; even if nasal and nasal pillow masks are more comfortable, it is not the best option for mouth breathers or people with allergies. Instead, a full face mask is the right choice.

If you’re looking for a full face CPAP mask, we’re here to help you make the right selection. Here’s a list of the best full face CPAP masks in 2024.

What Is the Best Full Face CPAP Mask

To achieve good results with CPAP therapy, review different mask options to find the most suitable one for you.

Full face masks cover your nose and mouth with cushions, typically in the shape of a triangle and are held in place by a headgear. This type of mask is an excellent option for those who require high-pressure settings, mouth breathers, those who find the nasal cushion irritating, those with nasal congestion, or those who haven't been succesful with a nasal CPAP mask.

Even if full face masks are an excellent option for most patients, they can be challenging to wearfor those who are claustrophobic or active sleepers. The good news is that the latest models offer minimal designs and comfort features to help you overcome these challenges. Let’s review our top picks.

ResMed AirFit F40

The AirFit F40 full-face CPAP mask , the latest full-face mask design by ResMed, offers a minimalist approach with a low-profile design for ultimate comfort.

The mask comes with an excellent system that has a frame, a cushion for your face, and super-soft headgear that feels comfy when you wear it.

The AirFit F40 mask has an AdaptiSeal silicone cushion to conform to your face shape. This means it's comfier to wear and doesn't leak air. The cushion is also built to last and helps keep the CPAP therapy working effectively by staying snug even when you move around in your sleep.

The AirFit F40 is incredible because it's super quiet, with noise levels as low as 20 dBA. The mask’s frame has a free opening above your nose, allowing you to wear reading glasses or other accessories. This mask is a great fit for active sleepers, side sleepers, and people who require high-pressure CPAP settings.

Fisher & Paykel Vitera

The mask performance is multi-faceted and the technologies within the Vitera mask work in harmony throughout the night for effective therapy and ultimate comfort.

This full face mask includes stability, adaptability, accessibility, and breathability that incorporates VentiCool™ technology, a custom-made breathable fabric designed to help you keep cool and comfortable as you sleep; allowing heat and moisture to escape through the material.

Vitera headgear features proprietary breathable fabric that allows 21 times more airflow and 35% more moisture transfer than the material used in the leading range of full face masks

The stability bar allows the RollFit™ XT cushion to adjust and seal dynamically. The RollFit™ XT offers a secure seal by covering the nose and mouth. It’s designed to operate at a range of pressurized air and helps reduce strain and soreness on the bridge of the nose.

The RollFit™ XT seal shape also fits a wide range of face shapes and minimize leaks into the eyes. It is a great option for active and side sleepers. It is quite easy to use (only one clip on the forehead), and if you are not sure which size is right for you, this mask is available in a fitpack, which includes all sizes to help you get started.


  •  ●FitPack includes all mask sizes
  •  ●Five adjustment points for fine-tuning mask fit
  •  ●RollFit™ XT mask cushion reduces pressure on the bridge of your nose.


  •  ●Full face design can be visibly distracting
  •  ●Loudest model on the list

ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face

This tube-up, under-the-nose, full face mask provides visual and physical freedom and eliminates the risk of red marks and discomfort on the nasal bridge, an amazing option to breathe more regularly and experience less snoring.

The open design of the AirFit F30i allows for fewer touchpoints on your face. The top of the head hose attachment allows you to sleep in whatever position you like (great option for side and stomach sleepers), while the unobstructed field of vision allows you to read or watch TV before bed.

The AirFit F30i features quiet venting technology, the quietest full face mask on the market.


  •  ●Quiet operation
  •  ●Full face coverage supports mouth breathing and stuffy noses
  •  ●Silicone frame reduces pressure on the face and skin


  •  ●Silicone frame could generate skin irritation and be compressed and potentially block air flow
  •  ●Magnetic clips may come undone with excessive or strong movement during sleep

ResMed AirFit F30 Full Face Mask

This minimal-contact full face mask, with UltraCompact mask cushion, prevents discomfort and offers a soft seal with the same reliable performance. Sleep comfortably and carefree, and give you (and your bed partner) a good night's sleep. Quiet Air technology ensures you won't be bothered by the wind noise. It allows you to sleep in whatever position you like (great option for side, stomach and back sleepers)


  •  ●Quiet exhalation
  •  ●Full face coverage supports mouth breathing and stuffy noses
  •  ●Silicone frame reduces pressure on the face and skin
  •  ●Nice headgear magnetic clips


  •  ●Silicone frame can generate skin irritation and be compressed and potentially block airflow
  •  ●May leak at tip of nose

Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face

The Evora Full Face CPAP Mask is the latest addition to their line of compact masks. It delivers full performance with minimal contact, allowing you to move and sleep without compromise. The mask has an under-the-nose seal that provides a clear line of sight, while the unique design of the seal keeps the mask comfortably in place.

Not just that, but it also features a RollFit Seal, a dynamic rolling action that self-adjusts to the contours of the face, creating a secure fit with minimal pressure, and improving the effectiveness of the oxygen therapy by reducing potential leaks.

The mask can be bought in a fit pack, which includes cushions in three different sizes. It has a small to medium cushion, a minimal cushion, and a large cushion. However, the mouth size is the same for all the cushions. Instead, the size varies in the nostrils. So, you will find cushion sizes that will fit in snugly with the shape of your nose.

The cushion is relatively soft and doesn’t feel heavy on your face. It’s particularly soft around your nose but has enough support to not slip throughout the night. The seal is simply fantastic.


  •  ●Minimal contact with a secure seal
  •  ●Can be used by active sleepers
  •  ●Low profile design
  •  ●Not as heavy as other models


  •  ●Mask tube is a little stiff
  •  ●Seal can be tough to remove

ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face

One of our most popular and best-selling masks praised for fit, comfort, and effectiveness—the perfect choice for mouth breathers, allergy, and stuffy nose sufferers.

ResMed AirFit F20 is created to be low-profile, making it a breeze to read or watch television before bed. Perfect for those with claustrophobia. The mask frame features integrated padding and fewer facial touchpoints thanks to eliminating the forehead support.

Magnets help you put on and remove the mask with one swoop, while the soft headgear and cushion make it a pleasing experience.  Comfortably moves with you throughout the night, regardless of sleep position, and is a safe bet for sticking to your treatment.


  •  ●Less irritation of the bridge of the nose
  •  ●Easy to remove
  •  ●Can watch TV and read books while using it
  •  ●Minimal contact with a great seal


  •  ●Mask tube is a little stiff
  •  ●Seal can be tough to remove
  •  ●Headgear may interfere with long, loose hair

Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face

The DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask is a great choice for those who slumber on their stomachs, featuring a hollow frame and a stable hose connection at the top of the head, making it unique in the market.

Lack of sleep unleashes our not so pretty side, and finding a mask that’s a good fit is crucial for the success of your treatment so that you can go about your day less cranky and happier.

Its light and flexible silicone cushion was created to achieve comfort. The unique design allows enough air pressure to help patients sleep comfortably through the frame. This design helps prevent tugging or tension on the cushion, creating a more reliable seal and a better night's rest. The frame can be removed and used with the Nasal and Nasal Pillow masks and vice versa.

This mask is ideal for anyone who likes to watch TV before bed or someone who wears glasses because of the open design.


  •  ●Compact cushion with minimal facial touchpoints and secure seal
  •  ●Ideal to use glasses
  •  ●Less bulk than traditional full face masks
  •  ●Includes cushions in all sizes

  • Cons
  •  ●Sleepers with facial hair may experience irritation

ResMed Mirage Quattro™ Full Face Mask

The ResMed Mirage Quattro CPAP Mask gives you the secure fit you need for a successful night of rest. This all-star full face mask has stayed the top choice for thousands of people with sleep apnea since its original launch over a decade ago!

With multiple innovative features for precise adjustment of mask settings for different facial structures, the ResMed Mirage may be the last CPAP mask you ever need to buy.

The Mirage Quattro features a dual-wall cushion designed for an advanced seal that conforms to the face to maintain a seal during movement. The cushion also seals at the chin strap to better accommodate jaw movement during sleep. It's the perfect balance between snug comfort and a reliable fit.

It includes several adjustment areas to provide the most comfortable fit and seal possible. This full-face mask is the answer for those with frequent nasal congestion or in the event of an unfortunate cold.

The MicroFit Dial allows CPAP users to find the correct fit using 24 small incremental adjustments to accommodate different facial features and optimize mask fit and comfort. The dual-wall cushion and forehead move together as the dial turns to address the initial fittings and ensure a proper fit that does not over-tighten the mask's headgear.



  •  ●More comfortable with an adequate seal
  •  ●24 adjustment options


  •  ●The mask is somewhat bulky and features multiple parts

Even if these are the best full face mask designs, some deserve an honorable mention, just like The ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask and The Simplus - Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear.

Who Should Consider Using a Full Face CPAP Mask?

All patients who suffer from sleep apnea plus nasal congestion/allergies or deviated septum should consider these masks since it is the only type of mask that covers both nose and mouth.

In some cases, when sleep apnea has progressed its severity, and the therapeutic approach involves higher pressures than usual to achieve the results, full face masks are the best option.

Full face masks are, in general, one of the most versatile options in the CPAP market since they can be used in almost any patient. For some, these masks can be hard to adapt, especially for claustrophobic people and beginners, because they are bulkier and heavier than other types of masks.

Using a CPAP machine is easy when you have the right equipment that matches your personal characteristics.

What to Consider When Choosing a Full Face CPAP Mask?

Even if full face masks are almost compatible with everyone, nasal pillows and nasal masks tend to be more comfortable. So it is important to determine if you truly need a full face mask or if you can use another type that is easier to adapt.

  1. If You Breathe Through Your Mouth

If you are a mouth breather, you should definitely consider the full face mask since the other types are not going to have a positive impact on your health. Remember that the pressurized air needs to fill your airways through your inspiration.

  1. If You Suffer From Claustrophobia

This is a partial contraindication; most claustrophobic patients don’t tolerate traditional full face masks due to the trapped feeling it produces in your entire face. Luckily, all the models that we just mentioned are newer and tend to be more comfortable, so many claustrophobic patients don't feel bad using them. It also depends on the severity of the claustrophobia.

  1. Your Bedtime Routine (Reading, Watching TV, if You Wear Glasses)

If you like watching movies or reading books, most of these models are just fine but if you use glasses, it can get a bit harder. The best option here is the DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear, this model is characterized by only involving the mouth and nose.

  1. If You Have Facial Hair

Beards can interfere with the forming seal of the full-face mask. If your mask doesn’t seal correctly, air can escape and reduce the efficacy of your CPAP treatment.

  1. If You Have Allergies to Some Materials, Like Silicone

The mask portion of a full-face mask is typically made from hard plastic, but you may be able to choose from different materials for the cushion and headgear to avoid allergies or skin redness. Even if it is rare, the first thing you should check in every mask is the materials that conform to it and check if some of their components are irritants. At Sleeplay you will find that information just below the mask pictures where it says “specifications.”

For example, The ResMed Mirage™ Quattro Full Face Mask with Headgear, The ResMed AirFit™ F30 Full Face Mask with Headgear and The Fisher & Paykel Vitera™ Full Face Mask with Headgear are made with silicone.

  1. If You Experience Nasal Congestion

For those who usually can’t breathe through their noses, full face masks are the only option available.

full face mask

How to Choose a CPAP Face Mask?

Once you determine if the full face mask is the best option for you, it is important to find which model fits you best. For this, take into account the following:

Consult With a Healthcare Professional

Considering that getting a CPAP machine requires a prescription from a certified physician, they can also recommend a specific mask for the disease you live with.

Know the Types of CPAP Masks

Even if full face masks are similar, some are noisier than others, some tend to occupy around the eyes while others just cover the mouth and nose. All these details can make a huge difference in your comfort when using the machine.

Sleep Position

 If you prefer stomach or side sleeping positions, look for a full-face mask with a minimalist design and padded headgear. You may also want to choose one with a forehead or top-of-head tubing connection for a lower profile and less chance of dislodging the tubing while asleep. For example, ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask has been mentioned as one of the best options for side sleepers.

Try Various Models

Experiment with different CPAP face mask models to find the one that best suits your comfort and needs.

At Sleeplay, we understand that finding the perfect mask is essential. That's why we offer a convenient 30-day mask exchange program. Within this period, customers have the flexibility to try the mask at their own pace.

If the initial choice doesn't meet their expectations, Sleeplay provides a one-time mask exchange. The total mask price will be issued as a gift card, allowing customers to make the right mask selection that suits their preferences and enhances their sleep experience.

Mask Fit

CPAP therapy requires a perfect seal to work properly.  A secure seal means that the air pressure being delivered to you is distributed evenly and comfortably and is not leaking out from your mask.

You will know it's a good seal because your mask will feel firm but not tight on your face and around the headgear.  Excellent seals characterize all of the previously mentioned CPAP masks.

Field of View

Most CPAP Full Face Masks allow you to watch TV and read a book, but if you need to use glasses, most models are not truly useful. One exception is The DreamWear Full Face Mask, which is perfect for using glasses.


Last but not least, comfort is key in adherence to treatment. A good mask leads to compliance, and compliance leads to better health and lower CPAP equipment costs. Standard CPAP masks are made from hard plastic with a pliable silicone cushion that touches the face. This facial contact for an extended time can irritate the skin and become very uncomfortable.

Luckily, the companies have tried to improve the wearability of their masks each year. Every CPAP mask that has been mentioned is considered highly comfortable by the users.

Upgrade your sleep with Sleeplay's CPAP masks—enjoy free shipping and our hassle-free exchange program. Find your perfect fit for a better night's rest!

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