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Sleepweaver Featherweight Tubing

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The Featherweight Tubing from Circadiance allows you to move without reservation by expanding the length of your tubing by 1.5 inches and gives more noteworthy adaptability so you can move around in your sleep without consequence.

Product Features

Product Features

Lightweight and Flexible

Incredibly lightweight and adaptable, the FeatherWeight Tube has a quick relase mechanism and it decreases the weight and pull on the mask while expanding your opportunity to move.

Reduce Mask Leaks

The additional adaptability likewise assists with decreasing mask leaks to allow you to appreciate uninterrupted, continuous rest. The Feather Weight Tube is 15mm in width and 18″ long with a standard 22mm association.

Important Tips

Important Tips

  • Slight Pressure Drop with Feather Weight Tube: The 15 mm, decreased measurement of the Feather Weight Tube will bring about a pressing factor drop of substantially less than 1 cmwp at the mask when associated with a standard 6 foot hose. It is prescribed to intermittently test the adjustment of all CPAP or BiPAP machines to guarantee the unit is conveying the recommended pressure
  • Please wash featherweight tubing with warm water with mild soap
  • Do not sterilize the featherweight tubing as it could damage the material.


Manufacturer:Circadiance Compatibility:Sleepweaver CPAP mask Included in Box:1 Sleepweaver Featherweight Tubing Length:18 inches Weight:1.28 oz

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