SleepWeaver Advance Nasal CPAP Mask with Improved Zzzephyr Seal

BY Circadiance
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Product Overview

This redesigned cloth SleepWeaver offers an even better fit and seal while greatly reducing the chance of red marks. Choose from the different prints designs available.

Product Features

Skin Friendly Design

  • Designed with a cloth material to form a "balloon" style mask interface, helping avoid and alleviate skin issues that can come from wearing other masks.

Improved Zzzephyr Seal

  • The improved seal offers a better fit for a wider range of faces. Additionally, the color of the seal has been changed from light gray to black.

Redesigned Soft Headgear

  • Designed with a material to be soft yet durable by pulling moisture and heat away from the user to enhance comfort. Colorful tab attachments are easy to adjust.

Headgear Stabilizer For The Mask

  • An extended adjustment strap offers an additional four inches on each side and on the top, allowing a better fit on both large and small heads.

Quieter Operation

  • The exhalation holes have been updated for quieter operation and reconfigured to offer just the right amount of exhalation without omitting a disruptive amount of air.

Reduced Red Marks

  • The soft material inflates or "balloons" with the flow of air, gently sealing against the CPAP user's face. The Zzzephyr Seal shifts with movement and accommodates a wide range of sleeping positions without losing seal. 

Product Specifications

Brand: Circadiance 
Headgear Material: Nylon, Lycra and Polyurethane Foam.
Cloth Sushions Material: Polyester, Elastane and Nylon

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