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Pari Medical

Pari PRONEB Max Nebulizer System

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Product Overview

The Pari PRONEB Max Nebulizer System includes a powerful piston-pump compressor with high-pressure output, making it ideal for heavy-use patients. The PRONEB Max is sturdy and attractive, and it is made to handle daily heavy-duty use. The PRONEB Max comes with two reusable nebulizers, the LC Sprint to deliver medicine fast and LC Plus to make sure you get the full dosage, as well as Wing Tip tubing.

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Product Features

Product Features

Hardworking Motor

Has a heavy-duty motor, a powerful 1.6 bar compressor, is incredibly durable, and can handle multiple treatments per day. 46 PSI / 1.6 Bar Compressor System (the strongest air compression available from PARI)


The PARI PRONEB is a tabletop, AC-powered air compressor intended to provide a source of compressed air for use with jet nebulizers with patients for whom doctors have prescribed medication for nebulization. It is intended for adult and pediatric patients 2 years and older, and may be used in hospitals, hospital-type facilities, nursing homes, sub-acute institutions and home environments. The PARI PRONEB is designed to work with any PARI LC nebulizer as well as a variety of masks and filter accessories from the PARI series. The PARI PRONEB Max offers very deep medicine delivery into the lungs when used with the gold standard of nebulizer therapy, the LC Plus.

Sleek and Efficient

Quieter with a sleek new design that gives it the ability to handle multiple treatments per day

Important Tips

Important Tips

How to Setup

  1. Clean/Disinfect Nebulizer Cup: Refer to the instructions provided with your nebulizer to properly clean and/or disinfect your nebulizer prior to first use. Re-assemble nebulizer 
  2. Set-up Compressor: Place the compressor on a flat, stable surface free of dust. Avoid cushioned, upholstered or carpeted surfaces. Make sure power switch is turned to the “OFF” position. Plug power cord into wall outlet (Fig A). 
  3. Connect Tubing To Compressor: Insert one end of tubing to the air outlet on the compressor. It should fit snugly (Fig. B) 
  4. Load Medication: Remove the nebulizer insert by twisting counter-clockwise until it stops and lift up. Pour the prescribed dose of medication into the nebulizer cup. Never fill past the max. fill line of 8ml
  5. Attach Mouthpiece or Mask: If using the mouthpiece, attach the mouthpiece to the nebulizer outlet with the expiratory valve facing up. Then close the inspiratory valve cap by pressing it firmly onto the top of the nebulizer. If using a mask, attach mask to the nebulizer outlet and refer to the mask instructions

How to Clean

  1. Disconnect the tubing from the air intake on the bottom of the nebulizer cup
  2. If there is any moisture (condensation) in the tubing, let the compressor run with only the tubing attached for 2-3 minutes. The warm air from the compressor will dry out the tubing. Alternatively, you can dry the tubing by removing it from the compressor and hanging it up with the “ends down” to allow any moisture (condensation) to drain out and evaporate. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe the exterior of the tubing
  3. Disassemble reusable nebulizer parts
  4. Wash all parts with warm water and liquid dish soap. DO NOT WASH THE TUBING
  5. Rinse the reusable nebulizer parts thoroughly with warm water and shake out water
  6. Air dry or hand dry nebulizer parts on a clean, lint-free cloth. Reassemble nebulizer when parts are dry and store
  7. You can also wash all parts of the reusable nebulizer on the top shelf of a dishwasher. DO NOT WASH TUBING. Place the reusable nebulizer parts in a dishwasher basket, then place the basket on the top rack of the dishwasher. Remove and dry the parts when the dishwasher cycle is complete


Manufacturer: Pari Medical

Weight: 3.75 lbs

Dimensions: 7.28 x 5.12 x 5.91 in

Electrical Requirements: 120V AC, 60Hz, 2A

Treatment Time: 5-7 Minutes (Average)

Compressor Pressure: 23.2 PSI (1.6 Bar)

Compressor Flow Rate: 5.0 LPM

HCPCS Code: E0570, A7005

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