Front view of Monaghan Medical Ombra Compressor Nebulizer
Side view of Monaghan Ombra 120V Compressor and Nebulizer
Front view of Monaghan Ombra Nebulizer
Front view of Monaghan Medical Ombra Compressor Nebulizer
Side view of Monaghan Ombra 120V Compressor and Nebulizer
Front view of Monaghan Ombra Nebulizer


Monaghan Ombra Table Top Compressor

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Product Overview

Product Overview

Monaghan Ombra 120V Table Top Nebulizer Compressor System reduces potentially harmful emissions for a safer home and hospital environment. It is patient-friendly, custom-designed compressors for home or on the go. The breath actuation results in a greater inhaled drug mass and less medication waste.

Product Features

Product Features

Quality Care

Provides a hospital-quality nebulizer treatment for the home care environment

Compressor Powered

Compressor powers the AeroEclipse® nebulizers, the most effective compressor nebulizer aerosol delivery system available

Breath Activated Nebulizer

When you take a breath in, the disposable nebulizer activates. The mist will disappear as you exhale. This approach allows more medicine to reach your lungs directly rather than through the air. The AeroEclipse II Nebulizer produces mist particles that are the appropriate size to be deposited in your airways. If the particles are too large, they will lodge in your throat; if they are too little, they will be exhaled back out


The AeroEclipse XL Nebulizer is built to last six months at home. It may be washed in your dishwasher on the top shelf, or disinfected with vinegar or boiling. When you combine the AeroEclipse XL Nebulizer with Monaghan's Ombra compressor nebulizer system, you'll have a highly effective way to keep your lung illness under control

Important Tips

Important Tips

How to use: 

  • In a comfortably seated position, switch on your compressor 
  • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth, ensuring your lips are sealed around the edge but aren’t covering the exhalation valve
  • If you are using a mask, place securely over the nose and mouth, ensuring a good seal. Breathe in slowly and deeply, then exhale normally through the device
  • Always ensure a good seal around the mouthpiece (or mask) 
  • Continue taking slow, deep breaths until the noise created by the device changes – sometimes referred to as ‘sputter’
  • When your treatment is complete, switch off your compressor


Manufacturer:Monaghan Medical Includes:2 AeroEclipse XL BAN, 5 replacement air filters, and owner's manual HCPCS Code:E0570 Green Biofeedback:provides visual confirmation of actuation and inhalation, encouraging proper breathing technique Built-in Mode Selector:Allows convenient, easy operation in either breath actuated or continuous mode Mouthpiece:Can be removed and replaced with three sizes of our disposable or reusable ComfortSeal® Masks Fill Lines:Provide accurate drug measurements from 0.5ml to 6ml User-friendly EZ Twist Tubing:For easy assembly and removal

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