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High Flow Soft Adult Nasal Cannula-7ft Supply Tube

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The high-flow soft adult nasal cannula from Sunset Healthcare allows oxygen therapy users to receive therapy at high pressure without the use of a mask. 

Product Features

Product Features

Made with Softer Material to Minimize Discomfort

The Sunset Healthcare high flow nasal cannula is made with a softer more flexible material to reduce the chance of discomfort while receiving oxygen therapy

Compatible with 6-15 LPM Concentrators

This high-flow nasal cannula is compatible with oxygen concentrators that have a capacity of 6-15 liters per minute

6-channel Supply Tubing for Safety

Since this is a high-flow nasal cannula, it comes with 6-channel supply tubing for added pressure support

Important Tips

Important Tips

  • The 7FT soft adult nasal cannula is packaged in easy-to-open, patient-friendly packaging,
  • The relaxed, flexible design reduces friction applied to the skin with receiving oxygen.
  • Comes with 6-channel supply tubing for added support


Manufacturer:Sunset Healthcare HCPCS:A4615 Included in Box:1 soft high-flow adult nasal cannula with 6-channel supply tubing

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