Purdoux Green Tea & Mint Mask And Hose Soap

CPAP Mask & Hose Soap Green Tea & Mint - Pack of 3

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Product Overview

How clean is your CPAP equipment?

The unwelcome reality of sleep therapy is real.

The CPAP Mask & Hose Soap with Green Tea and Mint scent helps you stay diligent with a cleaning routine that's both effective and gentle. 

This mild soap is specifically formulated for easy daily washing of CPAP Mask and CPAP Hose. 

Free from harsh ingredients such as alcohol, bleach, conditioners, moisturizers, and latex. Cleans silicone surfaces while preserving their softness and elasticity. Removes body oils from surfaces of CPAP masks and CPAP hoses, and neutralizes odors. 

Product Features

Gentle Formula

After looking at the ingredients of the liquid soaps in the supermarket, you'll find it difficult to find any option free of conditioners, aromatics, moisturizers, antibacterial agents, or scented oils. Your sleep therapy equipment are delicate devices that need proper care and maintenance. 

Keep your equipment clean and extend the life of your devices with Purdoux™ CPAP Mask & Hose Soap, a gentle soap with green tea and mint scent specifically formulated for easy, effective, and safe washing of your CPAP Mask and CPAP Hose.

Free from alcohol, bleach, conditioners, moisturizers, and latex, it's purposely made to clean silicone surfaces while preserving their softness and elasticity, and being gentle on the hands. 

Purdoux™ CPAP Soap has a very mild green tea and mint scent to neutralize the silicone's odors. Meets all the requirements for a safe CPAP cleaner, making it an essential part of your cleaning routine. Once you try it, you'll see and feel the difference.

Effective Clean for Healthy Sleep Therapy

Cleaning your CPAP equipment is crucial to maintaining your health while using your machine to alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms. 

An unclean CPAP device and accessories potential dangers range from bacteria and mold exposure, sinus infections, increased allergy symptoms, and mineralization of the equipment that leads to premature breakdown. A daily cleaning routine will prevent you from getting sick and enhance your sleep therapy equipment's performance. 

Purdoux™ CPAP soap with green tea and mint scent formula will not impact your CPAP parts' structure, even after multiple cleanings.

No Residue or Odor

The soap cleans and freshens your sleep equipment removing body oils from surfaces of CPAP masks and CPAP hoses and neutralizing odors, so there is no residue or lingering after smell. 

Strong perfumed or robust cleaning solutions on sleep therapy equipment can irritate your lungs, induce allergies, and cause more harm than good. 

The subtle scent of green tea and mint combined with Purdoux™ CPAP soap cleaning power will remove unwanted build-up from your equipment while not overpowering your senses during use. 

If you prefer, the unscented version is available.

Easy to use

Simplify your cleaning routine. Wash, then rinse it and let it air dry. The soap rinses very clean and fast, making it so much easier to live with CPAP. 

Pack of 3 - Each Bottle 250 ml 

Each bottle is 250ml/8.4oz. Compact but sufficient size for easy storage.

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