Breas Z2/Z1 Travel Power Cord

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Breas Z2/Z1 Travel Power Cord

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Product Overview

Power your CPAP/BIPAP machine with EXP PRO Battery using this DC cord. Connect to EXP PRO Batteries for seamless operation. Compatible with mainstream CPAP/BIPAP machines like Z1 or Z2 Series.

Product Features

Product Features

Travel-Friendly Design

The EXPPRO Breas Z2/Z1 Travel Power Cord is specifically designed for travel purposes. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and pack, allowing you to power your Z2/Z1 series CPAP machine wherever you go.

Convenient Power Source

With the Z2/Z1 Travel Power Cord, you can power your Z2/Z1 series CPAP machine using a DC power source. Whether you're on a road trip or camping adventure, this power cord ensures that you can continue your sleep therapy without relying on traditional AC power outlets.

Reliable Performance

The Z2/Z1 Travel Power Cord delivers a stable and consistent power supply to your Z2/Z1 series CPAP machine. You can rest assured that your therapy will remain uninterrupted, providing you with a reliable and comfortable sleep experience even during your travels.

Easy to Use

This power cord features a user-friendly design, making it simple to connect your Z2/Z1 series CPAP machine to a DC power source. It securely attaches to both the CPAP machine and the power source, ensuring a reliable and secure connection. Its hassle-free setup allows for quick and convenient use, perfect for those always on the go.



Manufacturer:EXPPRO Compatibility:Designed for use with Z2/Z1 series CPAP machines Length:Standard length, suitable for most travel needs Weight:Lightweight for easy portability Connector Type:DC connector compatible with Z2/Z1 series CPAP machines Warranty:Manufacturer's warranty included, check EXPPRO's website for details

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