40 Blinks Sleep Mask

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Product Overview

Blink freely without the pressure and block the light for a restful night.

Your body will thank you for it.

Bucky's 40 Blinks Sleep Mask is a landmark in the most comfortable, convenient sleep. With a 99% customer approval rating and hundreds of thousands of sleep masks sold, this is the best sleep mask on the market. A great addition to your bedtime routine and a must-have while on the go!

Product Features

The Right Size

The sleep mask blocks the light entirely and gently hugs the face without pressure using the adjustable Velcro strap that connects at the back of the head. The deeply molded cups allow space between the eye and the mask so you can blink freely without pressure. The sleep mask is approximately 9" wide and 3.15" tall. Eyecups are approximately .5 inch deep.


The ultralight design makes you forget you're wearing a mask in the first place, giving you a sense of comfort that aids in falling asleep. This sleep mask weighs only .7 ounces or 37 grams.

Safe Non-Toxic Materials

The mask is made of safe, non-toxic glues, making it safer for the delicate eye area and the environment. 

Easy Care

The mask is hand-washable for easy and convenient care. Your eye mask should be replaced every three to six months, about the same as your toothbrush. Any excessive heat or chemicals from facial creams or cosmetics may wear down the fibers and decrease the product's lifespan. We recommend our customers wear these with a clean face and store them in a cool, dry area, away from direct heat.

Full Night Sleep

If it's dark, your body produces more melatonin, and your circadian rhythm thinks it's time for bed. Besides making us feel sleepy, it also helps push you further into the sleep cycle, aiding insomnia, and other sleep disorders. Plus, the feeling of a soft mask over the eyes is very soothing. 

Protected Lashes

The deeply molded eye cups protect lash extensions during sleep, so you can still look fabulous while getting a good night's rest. 

    Hand wash cold with mild soap. Do not use bleach and hang to dry. Do not microwave. Facial lotions not recommended when using.


    Will this mask fit a child?
    No, this mask will not fit most children's head sizes as this mask was designed for adult use only.

    Does this mask fit smaller and larger head sizes?
    Yes, this mask has adjustable straps making it a good fit for most head sizes.

    Is this mask PVC free?
    The 40 Blinks Mask is PVC free.

    Can I really blink my eyes freely while wearing this mask?
    Yes, the deep cups provide enough room to blink your eyes freely.

    How do I clean my 40 Blinks Sleep Mask?
    Our sleep mask can be hand washed in cold water and hung to dry.

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