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Viva - Nasal CPAP Mask With Headgear - Fit Pack

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Product Overview

Didn't think a nasal mask could be comfortable?

Think again.

The revolutionary Viva Nasal Mask Fit Pack is a light, gentle, and simple design that offers minimal facial pressure for a comfortable, rejuvenating sleep.
It includes 3 cushion sizes (small, medium, and large), so you may try them all and find what works for you.

Product Features

Product Features

Minimal Design

There's nothing like good sleep for deep rejuvenation, and a minimalist CPAP Nasal Mask is all you need to get there. The mask has a plastic body with a silicone seal held by a headgear to adapt to any forehead giving you secure support that feels light on the face and effective therapy to wake up feeling refreshed.

No Need for Forehead Pad

Designed without a pad for less pressure being put on your skin and avoiding causing irritation or red marks left over from a too-tight mask. This feature also provides an open view for a greater sense of freedom, ideal if you tend to feel a little claustrophobic wearing a CPAP Mask.

Different Cushion, Same Mask Frame

A proper fit is essential for effective therapy and treatment compliance. All the different cushion sizes work for the same frame, giving you the flexibility to select the size that works best for you.

Adjustable Headgear

The headgear includes clips for an easy lock and adjustment to the head that easily adapts to your specific size and comfort needs.

Important Tips

Important Tips

  • The packaging that the Viva nasal mask comes in will have fitting instructions on the back with photos to show you how to fit your mask properly
  • To wear the Viva nasal mask, unhook the clips from the bottom of the frame and fit the headgear over your head and rehook the clips to the bottom of the mask frame.
  • The Viva nasal mask is very quiet so it is ideal to use if you have a bed partner
  • The mask frame and cushion should be cleaned daily. The headgear should be cleaned with warm soapy water once a week. Make sure these items dry away from direct sunlight and that they are laying flat to properly dry.


Manufacturer:3B Medical Sizes Available:Small, Medium, Large Included in Box:1 Viva nasal mask frame and 3 cushions and headgear Cushion Materials:Silicone

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