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Why do you need a CPAP hose holder?1. The Original CPAP Hose Holder2. North American Health and Wellness CPAP Hose Holder3. Salmue Adjustable CPAP Hose Holder4. WAHAH Store Foldable CPAP Hose Holder5. Hose Buddy CPAP Hose Management System
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Top 5 CPAP Hose Holders for Better Sleep

Jan 03, 2024
· 4 mins read

The CPAP hose holder is an advanced compact suspension system sturdy enough to keep a hose suspended by your bedside or attached to your headboard or box spring to reduce tugging on a CPAP mask during sleep.

Why do you need a CPAP hose holder?

You may need a CPAP hose holder if:

  • - You tend to move and turn during sleep
  • - Your CPAP hose is too long
  • - Your CPAP hose gets tangled during sleep
  • - Your CPAP machine lost efficiency due to a longer hose.

Patients requiring CPAP therapy with the help of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device often complain that hoses and tubing get in their way while trying to sleep or while changing positions during sleep. 

Since the whole point of CPAP therapy is achieving good sleep, we consider the CPAP hose holder and hanger a must for all CPAP users because nothing should disturb your rest.

CPAP hose systems provide patients with maximum comfort and therapy efficiency during their sleep. The hose holder maintains the airway hose suspended and out of your way during therapy, so you can sleep in your preferred position and move comfortably in your sleep without disturbances.

You can review different brands and the warranty information available for purchase on Amazon.

Here is a list of five of our favorite and best-selling CPAP hose holders to help you maintain the highest quality of sleep possible:

1. The Original CPAP Hose Holder

The "Original CPAP Hose Holder" is perfect for anyone who wants something minimal and easy to install. You can attach the hook to your headboard using the adhesive strip provided.

Once it is properly attached you can hook your CPAP hose and/or mask on there to keep them out of the way and in a safe place.

This product was made in the U.S.A by a veteran-owned company whose owner is a CPAP user himself and wanted to find a solution to the problem of "where do I put my hose" that many CPAP users face. 

Top Features:

  • - Small and discreet
  • - Easy to install
  • - Portable

2. North American Health and Wellness CPAP Hose Holder

cpap hose holder

Ideal for home use and easy to install with a simple design that also folds up very nicely for easy storage if you want to travel with it. 

This hose holder system remains stationary by your bedside and gives you the freedom to choose to place it above or below your head and can be turned against the headboard when not in use.

You may also secure its base on your floor when you sleep, limiting any potential tangling situation.

This hose holder also has a hook that provides a way for you to move while you sleep because of its spinning attachment. This attachment is a great feature, especially if you are an active sleeper.

It keeps the hose up high enough that if you use the water chamber or humidifier on a higher setting, half the condensation will go back into the reservoir and not up to your nostrils.

Top Features:

  • - Provides easy movable storage
  • - CPAP Tangle Free Tubing
  • - Compresses easily for storage
  • - Sleep protected

3. Salmue Adjustable CPAP Hose Holder

This lightweight and ergonomic system includes a practical spiraling base and a silicone non-slip mat at the bottom to prevent falling out of place.

The 360-degree rotating angle head adjusts according to your needs, so there's no tubing tangle, pulling, or tugging of the hose when you are sleeping and prevents rainout or leakage.

Made of high quality and durable material and meant for home use because it takes up a lot of space. 

Top Features:

  • - Stationery product
  • - 360-degree Rotation
  • - Ventilator Accessory
  • - High-Quality Material

4. WAHAH Store Foldable CPAP Hose Holder

This hose holder gives you peace of mind during sleep as it strongly attaches to different surfaces such as curved exteriors, steel beds, or wood beds without scratching or damaging furniture.

The CPAP Hose Holder base has two layers of padding for a sturdy attachment and is very easy to install. No extra tools are needed.

Top Features:

  • - Attaches to different surfaces
  • - Stronghold with two padded layers
  • - Easy to install

5. Hose Buddy CPAP Hose Management System

Ideal for home use includes a 4" foam protector that prevents damage to headboards and an arm swivel that adjusts itself as you turn in your sleep. This hose holder is sturdy yet flexible and very easy to install fitting any CPAP or BiPAP machine.

The included velcro straps are of high quality and hold the hose nice and tight (even with a hose cover on it). 

Top Features:

  • - Easy to Install
  • - High-Quality Material
  • - Flexible and sturdy design

Acclimating to CPAP equipment is hard enough without wrestling with a hose all night. With compliance as the ultimate objective, a CPAP hose holder is a great addition for all new and veteran CPAP users because it makes it easier for you to sleep safely and soundly and achieve your best CPAP experience. 

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