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ResMed AirFit F30 Review

Sep 23, 2022
· 4 mins read

The ResMed AirFit F30 is a full-face mask with a few important differences. This ensures a certain number of clients. Acne sufferers may prefer this type of hybrid design over others.

Let’s dive into the features and advantages of the ResMed AirFit F30. Of course, we should not leave out the cons either.


Resmed Airfit F30

The RedMed AirFit F30 design is chic, considering its date of release. Once you assemble the headgear, cushion, and straps, pull the mask over your head. The magnetic clips enable you to lock the two straps to the frame. They are the snappy kind, so you hear a nice snap each time you fasten them.

They run beneath your ears from the headgear. Two other straps lock into the frame from over your jawbone. There’s no forehead support piece, so your eyes have a clear field of vision.

When you want to take the mask off, unclip the straps under your mouth.

To either side of the elbow, there are two clips. To remove the elbow, you must simultaneously pinch both.

AirFit F30 is a good companion for side sleeping because of the elbow. It has a full 360 motion range. So, you can twist the tubing any way you want as you turn in your sleep.

The nose cushion fits the shape of your nostrils. Smaller than many cushion models, the tight seal is ideal for those who move around a lot.

This is a minimal contact point mask. The design aims to prevent your cheeks and nose from feeling sore and itchy after a night of therapy. It is also one of the smaller full-face masks.

Size Availability

The AirFit F30 has only two nose cushion sizes: small and medium.

Generally, we would feel better with a large option too. However, the cushion shape, combined with the adjustable straps of the headgear, allows everyone to find the right fitting.

Additionally, ResMed claims the medium is so big that it should be considered large.

The hybrid face mask only has a single headgear size. It is ResMed’s standard proportions. The adjustable sections are the top of the head, the sides, and the back. You should be able to make the mask fit your head with this many altering areas.

Even the frame for this mask is one-fit-all.

Noise Level

The ResMed AirFit F30 comes with the QuietAir elbow. The filter mechanism surrounds the exhalation port, which is where the elbow joins the frame.

It’s an effective measure for silencing the noise from the CPAP air transfer. The filter facilitates a quiet intake and outtake of breath.

The elbow is the main mechanism that reduces the noise from airflow.

And so, only when the elbow is at the end of its validity period do you hear noise from the AirFit F30 mask.


Resmed Airfit F30 cushion

We are a fan of the texture for this one. Isn’t the entire point of hybrid face masks like the AirFit F30 to give you a good night of rest? Something which won’t trap the moisture from your face or make you want to take it off?

The nose cushion is a massive triumph in this regard. Your nostrils have breathing room thanks to the cradle section of the cushion. It’s the definition of soft. While no one likes having something attached to their nose, this makes the experience way better.

The inner part of the cushion which touches your face offers a cozy overall feel.

The outer side of the cushion is firm. Not something you can damage without effort.

Cons of ResMed AirFit F30

The ResMed AirFit F30 is almost close to an ideal mask. However, as with all products, there’s still room for improvement.

  • One user claims the AirFit F30 works efficiently for about 80% of its total use. When you first unpack and use it, you get rid of all headaches and feel yourself brimming with energy. Over time, while the results are still good, it’s not to the initial level. Of course, replacing mask parts in a timely manner helps keep the mask in its prime state.
  • While your view isn’t obstructed with these masks, keeping the spectacles in place over the straps rarely works. If you have large eyes, the strap may even touch them a little. The straps are tighter than most feel comfortable with.
  • The straps hurt their ears if you adjust them too tight. Some also complain of a sore nose and upper lip, though the nose bridge is safe.

The main issue with this mask appears to be the lack of sizing options. Too unusual a head shape, and you might never get around to finding a seal that works.

It’s still a full-face mask with hybrid features. So, if you suffer from clautrophobia, depending on the severity, you may want to look into this mask.

Final Thoughts

The ResMed Airfit F30 receives a mixed bag of opinions from the customers. People have polarizing thoughts on this. One party would never try another type of mask after this, and another can’t wait to replace it. This is the fate of most hybrid face masks in reality, and ResMed doesn’t seem to have it any different with AirFit F30.

The customers who don’t like the F30 seem to like the F30i instead. Though again, it is a matter of preference and face shape. ResMed still has many options for customers and tends to introduce a new mask design every year or so.

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