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Nightstands for CPAP Machines

Feb 12, 2021
· 5 mins read

What is a CPAP Nightstand?

If you suffer from sleep apnea and are a CPAP/BiPAP user then you know one of the most difficult things is to find the perfect place to put your CPAP/BiPAP machine.

This may involve moving the layout of the room around or purchasing another piece of furniture to accommodate your CPAP/BiPAP machine. A simple coffee table will not do the trick so we think one piece of furniture we think you should consider is nightstands for CPAP machines.

What are these you ask? They are specially made nightstand that store your CPAP machine and accessories all in one convenient place. Most include either a rollout shelf or a compartment with a lid where you and store your CPAP machine.

They also can include hooks for your CPAP hose and face mask as well as a specially made opening either on the back or the side for your power cords. In this post, we will be discussing what is a CPAP nightstand, the benefits of having a CPAP nightstand and some CPAP nightstand recommendations, and where you can purchase them.

Benefits of Having a CPAP Nightstand

A CPAP nightstand can be extremely beneficial for CPAP users. It is a place where you can have your CPAP equipment all together to make sure nothing gets lost or damaged, in other words, they give you easy access to your CPAP machine.

Many of these nightstands allow you to place your CPAP machine and accessories in a compartment of a shelf which leaves the top to double as a bedside table. Many of these nightstands have moisture-resistant surfaces to make sure no water damage occurs to your CPAP machine.

A lot of them are inconspicuous enough that they can be placed in the living room and no one will know that is a CPAP nightstand. For added convenience the more “high-tech” nightstands offer outlets and USB ports built into the nightstand, so you do not even have to get out of bed to plug in your CPAP machine as well as having the option to charge your other devices.

These nightstands can also help protect your CPAP equipment such as your CPAP air hose or CPAP mask by including hooks or hanger to hang them up when not in use.

Many of these nightstands offer a rollout shelf as I mentioned above but if you want to hide your CPAP machine more effectively, there are CPAP nightstands with doors or compartments you can hide your CPAP machine and accessories in.

CPAP Nightstand Recommendations

Buzzme CPAP Nightstand with Moisture Resistant Surfaces

Solid Black CPAP Nightstand with Moisture Resistant Surfaces

This is the most popular CPAP nightstand out today. It is a wood nightstand that has a place to accommodate your CPAP device and face mask.

It has and open shelf and two doors in the front made to look like a 2-drawer nightstand but really they open to reveal a rollout shelf as well as storage space on the bottom. There are openings on both sides of the CPAP table as well as the back to accommodate for tubing and power cords.

An adhesive hook is also provided so you can hang up your tubing and mask. This CPAP nightstand comes with moisture-resistant surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about water or moisture damaging for CPAP equipment. This nightstand is made of manufactured wood and it weighs 84 pounds.

The dimensions of the nightstand are height: 29.75in, length: 23.75in, depth: 15.75in and the depth of the shelf is from front to back 13.87in. The Buzzme CPAP nightstand can be purchased on Amazon.

Perdue Woodworks CPAP Nightstand

Perdue woodworks CPAP nightstand

This very simple CPAP nightstand design is by Perdue Woodworks and is ideal if you’re into a simple/minimal design. The design is like the Buzzme CPAP nightstand I mentioned with a few key differences.

The Perdue Woodworks CPAP nightstand is a small nightstand that almost looks like a side table with an open shelf as well as a  pullout rolling shelf on top and open space on the bottom similar to the Buzzme nightstand.

It also has functionality openings on the side and the back to accommodate power cords and tubing. The Perdue Woodworks CPAP nightstand comes in four colors: black, mahogany, oak, and grey.

It is made out of manufactured wood and the dimensions are height: 26in x width: 21in x depth: 15in. The Perdue Woodworks CPAP nightstand is available for purchase on

Brightech Madison Narrow Nightstand with Built-in Lamp

Brightech Madison narrow nightstand

This nightstand is a little more “high-tech” than the other two we mentioned above and looks more like an end table than a nightstand. It features an outlet as well as USB ports that double as charging stations.

The outlet is our favorite part about this nightstand because it allows you to plug and unplug your CPAP machine without ever getting out of bed. This is not strictly a CPAP nightstand but it can be used as one since it features two small shelves that are perfect for placing your CPAP machine and various accessories.

Another helpful feature is that this nightstand has a built-in lamp. The lamp can aid you if you encounter a problem with your CPAP machine in the middle of the night. Another thing we like about this nightstand is that it is small and doesn’t weigh a lot meaning it can be placed almost anywhere and it is not a hassle to move it.

Most nightstands measure 20 x 20 but the Brightech Madison Narrow Nightstand is 18 x 18in. It comes in a dark brown color or a rich espresso color with intractable lap shades perfect for brightening up your living space.

The built-in lamp has a bulb that lasts  20,000 hours and comes with Brightech’s 3-year warranty. The Brightech Madison Narrow Nightstand can be purchased on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

CPAP nightstands can be helpful in many ways. They reduce the stress of figuring out where to put all your CPAP equipment and it can even be fun trying to find one that matches your furniture.

The three we have mentioned here are just a few but CPAP nightstands can come in all sizes and colors and designs. A lot of woodworkers have started making their own DIY designs of solid wood CPAP nightstands and many are featured on Pinterest.

Ikea and also have many nightstands that can double as CPAP nightstands. The next time you are in a furniture store reader, be sure to ask if they have CPAP nightstands you can look at.

You might be surprised and even find one your like! For all your other CPAP needs please be sure to visit Sleeplay, your modern CPAP shop.

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