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Are Ozone CPAP Cleaners Safe?

Mar 08, 2021
· 7 mins read

Are Ozone CPAP Cleaners Safe?

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is the most common form of treatment for individuals with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), offering patients a vast improvement in their condition—if they comply with the protocol and use it regularly. 

There's only one problem:

CPAP therapy is costly and involves a great deal of commitment. 

But here you are.

You made a smart and important decision to move forward and start CPAP treatment for your sleep apnea. You have invested time and money when purchasing and acclimating to this device and supplies. 

Why not get the most out of that investment?

Why is cleaning your continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) supplies important?

You brush your teeth before bedtime and shower every day, but are you cleaning your CPAP equipment?

Caring for CPAP machines and accessories protects your health as well as the longevity and effectiveness of your device. 

You use your CPAP for about eight hours per night. Room air goes into the CPAP machine, filter, hose, mask, and nose. Then exhaled air goes back into the mask, tube, and machine.

In that exhaled air, there is moisture from your body. Microorganisms thrive on humidity, which means that if you don't sanitize your equipment, it can lead to allergies, respiratory infections, machine malfunctions, or a limited life span on your device.

Fortunately, CPAP cleaning is a simple process, plus there are advanced technologies that can make your life even easier, helping you stay consistent with the maintenance of your device, even if you're on the go. 

Because, let's face it, hand-washing your equipment is time-consuming.

CPAP cleaners in the market use various technologies to make sanitizing and regular cleaning of your equipment simple, fast, and efficient to help you maintain your CPAP machine and accessories sanitized. These cleaning devices may use ozone and ultraviolet light (UV light) for the disinfection process. 

In Summary, This is Why It's Importance to Clean Your CPAP Machine and Accessories:

  1. Keeps you healthy, preventing the build-up of pathogens and germs that may lead to or increase conditions such as asthma, allergies, frequent colds, or other respiratory illnesses.
  2. Protects your skin from bacteria and oils on a dirty mask that may give you a rash or infection.
  3. A clean machine also operates more effectively by maintaining a good seal, preventing leaks, and enhancing your machine's lifespan.
  4. It prevents foul odors from poor maintenance.
  5. Promotes treatment compliance. If your device doesn't look or smell sanitary, there's a lesser chance that you will use it, thus compromising your sleep apnea therapy.  
  6. It helps extend the lifespan of your device. 


Continue reading to learn how you can disinfect and make cleaning your CPAP machine an easy part of your day-to-day routine, so you can breathe fresh air and reap the full benefits of sleep apnea therapy.

Sleep Apnea CPAP Machine Cleaners and Sanitizers

When it comes to cleaning your CPAP equipment, you can do one of three things:

  • Hand-wash it, and air dry the equipment
  • Use a UV-light based cleaning machine
  • Use activated oxygen or ozone-based cleaning machine

Thankfully the sleep apnea industry has developed convenient and effective CPAP cleaning devices that help CPAP users adhere to a cleaning routine to stay healthy. 

What Are Ozone Cleaning Devices?

Activated oxygen or ozone is used as a cleaning agent for CPAP devices. Ozone is a gas that can be used to kill harmful bacteria, thus serving as a hassle-free method for sanitizing CPAP equipment. 

Ozone-based CPAP cleaning devices operate by simply placing the mask inside the device, and it cleans it without water or soap.

Easy, fast, and mess-free.

If you're wondering if it's safe to use ozone-based cleaning machines for your CPAP equipment, keep reading...

The FDA has not approved these CPAP cleaning devices for this purpose at this time. They state on their website: "their safety and effectiveness for use with CPAP devices and accessories is unknown." However, further testing is needed.

When used appropriately and according to the manufacturer's directions and allowing enough airing out time before using the mask, these CPAP cleaning machines can be safe for CPAP users. These devices are designed to prevent exposure to unacceptable levels of ozone. 

How To Use Ozone CPAP Cleaners:

  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations. 
  • Wait at least two hours before using your just-cleaned CPAP equipment.
  • You shouldn't be in the room with the machine that is cleaning using ozone gas.
  • Run your CPAP for 10 minutes after the cleaning cycle before use to lessen the ozone smell and help flush the unit.

Advantages of Ozone-Based Cleaning Machines:

  • Saves time
  • Excellent disinfectant
  • Hassle-free and easy to use
  • Very effective
  • Come with warranty
  • Provides disinfection of CPAP machines and accessories, including CPAP hose, water chamber, and CPAP mask

Potential Disadvantages of Ozone-Based Cleaning Machines:

The most common side effect of high ozone levels is irritation in the mucous membranes. When inhaled, ozone can damage the pulmonary system. Relatively low amounts can cause chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation. 

Ozone may also worsen chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and compromise the body's ability to fight respiratory infections. 

That's why it's essential to allow time before using your equipment after cleaning your CPAP mask with ozone cleaners.

There are also some reports of damaged silicone seals due to the use of ozone.

Top 4 Ozone Cleaning Machines:


SoClean™ 2

The SoClean™ 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer makes it easy to adhere to a maintenance routine because your CPAP equipment doesn't need to be disassembled —a real-time saver!

Place your gear inside the chamber, close the lid, and SoClean™ takes care of the rest. The cleaner automatically sanitizes your mask, tubing, and humidifier chambers while still connected to your CPAP machine using Activated Oxygen (ozone). 

This powerful natural cleaning process eliminates 99.9% mold, bacteria, and viruses without using liquids or harsh chemicals. The waterless and chemical-free system uses the same sanitizing method used in water purification and hospitals, so you can rest assured your unit and accessories are clean and ready for use. 

The SoClean 2 is compatible with a wide range of CPAP masks and offers various adapters for different CPAP machines, including ResMed.

This CPAP cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty.



VirtuCLEAN 2.0

The VirtuClean™ 2.0 CPAP cleaner gives you all the disinfecting power you love in a single device. VirtuClean™ is built to handle big cleanup jobs in only 30 minutes.

This simple one-step solution kills germs and bacteria in your sleep equipment using ozone (also known as activated oxygen) to disinfect your tubing, mask, and humidifier chamber.

It's an ideal travel device that runs on either a battery or power cord plugged into a 120V outlet. The battery is lithium-ion and rechargeable, lasting up to seven complete cleaning cycles before requiring recharging. The size is portable and easily fits in a small bag, so you can keep your devices clean anywhere you go. This CPAP cleaner comes with an 18-month warranty.




Sleep8 CPAP Cleaning Companion System

Sleep8 is an ozone cleaner that kills 99% of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses without using liquids or harsh chemicals. It uses a filter bag that fits all your supplies and accessories, so there is no need for adapters and conveniently folds for space-saving packing. 

You also get a micro USB charger and cable. Sleep8 runs on a rechargeable battery to easily carry wherever you go. The micro USB charger and cable are included. This CPAP cleaner comes with an 18-month warranty for the device, 12 months for the charger, and 3 months for the bag.

A popular alternative to ozone CPAP cleaners is the Lumin CPAP cleaner.



Lumin CPAP Cleaner

Lumin CPAP Mask & Accessories Machine Cleaner

The 3B Medical Lumin CPAP Mask & Accessories Machine Cleaner is the fastest cleaner in the market. It only takes 5 minutes to sanitize your equipment; it doesn't get any easier than that! 

With the push of a button, you can have your entire unit and accessories clean and ready to use in no time. Simply place the items in the Lumin tray (no need for disassembly!), close the tray, and press the power button. In five minutes, the Lumin will emit a beep to indicate the cycle is complete, and the green light will indicate the completion of the cleaning cycle.

The Lumin destroys 99% of germs and bacteria with a specialized UV light system, similar to those found in hospital operating rooms. UV Light is a safe and effective alternative with no harmful chemicals, no ozone, no harsh abrasives or liquids, and no residual odor. 

The shutoff mechanism engages if the drawer is opened to protect from UV light exposure. The clear Lumin rack improves the disinfection of your mask and accessories, allowing greater UV light penetration. This CPAP cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty.

The most important part about cleaning your CPAP machine is that it's done regularly and thoroughly. If you find that you need additional support in maintaining your CPAP equipment clean and sanitized, explore our CPAP cleaning options, we guarantee you will find a solution that fits your needs. 

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