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Item #: ZCD100

Product Overview

The Zoey CPAP cleaner is so elegant and sleek; you'll forget it's a cleaning machine.

Designed with simplicity in mind, it uncomplicates your CPAP sanitation routine so you can stay consistent and healthy. The Zoey CPAP cleaner uses activated oxygen to keep your equipment clean as an effective, safe, and waterless solution, and offers a compact and small footprint that easily fits in with your living space. 

Product Features

Cleans using O3

Zoey cleans using contained activated oxygen and filters it back as oxygen. Zoey works by sending a flow of air through the injection tube, via your CPAP machine or humidifier and back into the Zoey cleaning chamber. This technology is the same method often used to clean medical equipment in Hospital settings plus its mercury-free.

Minimalist Design

Zoey is smaller by volume than the leading CPAP cleaner to fit in with your living space. The small footprint and minimalist design takes up little space on your bedside or countertop, and the sleek aesthetic makes it a lovely addition to your home. 

Quiet Operation

Zoey cleaner features a nearly silent operation that won't bother you or anywhere around while it does the job. It operates at approximately 50 db. The entire process takes under 2 hours.

Easy to Use

The Zoey CPAP cleaner is simple to operate. The all-in-one unit cleans a complete CPAP system.

The display features colored lights that indicate cleaning in progress, help set up delay mode, or guide you in using it. 

Just place your mask into the bin and attach your CPAP tube when you wake up, press a button—and let Zoey take care of the rest! 

Zoey's beep-free interface is silent and simple to operate and uses soft lights to show what's happening. You can start cleaning or set delay mode with the press of a button.

Promotes Respiratory Health

Designed for those with respiratory sensitivities to stay healthy during sleep therapy and reap the treatment's full benefits. While some cleaners allow activated oxygen to permeate your living space, where it doesn't belong, Zoey contains the O3 to protect your respiratory health and your household. After cleaning, Zoey converts activated oxygen back into normal, breathable oxygen.


Zoey requires a replacement filter and a check valve kit after the conclusion of 120 complete cycles. The filter is necessary to keep activated oxygen from entering your household air, and the check valve traps condensation in the line—keeping your equipment free from water damage.

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