Short Tube Assembly for ResMed Mirage Swift & Mirage Swif II, 12' tube with an elbow and swivel

Mirage Swift LT & Mirage Swift LT For Her - Short Tubing

BY ResMed
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Item #: 60577

Product Overview

This is the replacement 12 inch connector tubing for the Mirage Swift LT and Swift LT for Her. It includes an elbow, swivel and the tube.

Product Details

The Swift LT Short Tube Assembly includes a short flexi-tube, elbow and swivelis. This product is a replacement tube assembly for the Mirage Swift LT and Swift LT for Her.

Product Specifications

Brand: ResMed
Manufacturer: ResMed
Weight: 0.6 ounces
Dimensions: 12'
Part Type: Tubing
Included in Box:
12 inch Tube, Elbow, and Swivel
HCPC: A7037
Replacement Tubing For: Mirage Swift LT and Swift LT for Her
Material Of Elbow: Polypropylene
Material Of Inlet Tube: Thermoplastic Polyester Elsatomer (TPE)
Material Of Swivel Assembly: Polypropylene; Polycarbonate

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