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Resvent iBreeze Auto-Adjusting CPAP Bundle with AirFit N30i Nasal Mask & Lumin CPAP Cleaner

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Product Overview

The Resvent iBreeze Auto-Adjusting CPAP Starter Bundle with AirFit N30i Nasal Mask comes with everything you need to get started with your CPAP therapy. Your road to a better night’s sleep begins here.

Bundle Includes:

  • Resvent iBreeze Auto CPAP Machine (SKU: 20A/20A Pro)
  • AirFit N30i Mask (SKU alternatives: Standard Frame: 63800 or Small Frame: 63801)
  • Power Supply
  • 3B Medical Lumin CPAP Cleaner (LM3000)
  • 3 Filters
  • Purdoux CPAP Mask Wipes – Aloe Vera (PCW-U)
  • User Guide

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Product Features

Product Features

iBreeze Intelligent Pressure Relief (IPR)

Many patients may feel uncomfortable especially when breathing out against the high air pressure a sleep apnea machine gives. By switching on IPR (Intelligent pressure release), iBreeze CPAP allows the user to receive lower pressure during exhalation than inhalation, creating additional pleasure for the continuous positive airway pressure treatment

Dual Purpose Design with Intelligent Heated Humidification

The iBreeze series intelligent humidifier is designed with a plug and seal water tank. The innovative system will continuously monitor the water level, stop heating, and give a soft alert when the water level is low. This helps prevent discomfort and ensures safety. During respiration treatment, water condensation in the breathing circuit will affect the therapy and even threaten the safety of patients. To solve the issue, Resvent's unique intelligent humidifier can perceive the environment temperature and humidity levels, and maintain the humidification to a precise level so that there will not be condensation in the respiration hose or mask

AirFit N30i: Freedom of Movement

Top-of-the-head tube design provides freedom at night for a wide range of movement during sleep.

Ultimate Comfort

SpringFit™ adjusts to different facial features, so you can get an accurate fit the first time around.

Clean in Only 5 Minutes!

The 3B Medical Lumin CPAP Mask & Accessories Machine Cleaner is the fastest cleaner in the market. It only takes 5 minutes to sanitize your equipment; it doesn't get any easier than that! With the push of a button, you can have your entire unit and accessories clean and ready to use in no time. Simply place the items in the Lumin tray (no need for disassembly!), close the tray, and press the power button. In five minutes, the Lumin will emit a beep to indicate the cycle is complete, and the green light will indicate completion of the cleaning cycle.
The Lumin makes your life easy and convenient, saving you time and effort. You can immediately use your CPAP equipment after disinfection; no residue to wipe off or wait period required.
Keep your mask, hose, and water chamber clean and reduce the risk of infections. Daily use of the Lumin will help keep you healthy and compliant with your CPAP equipment

UV Light System

The 3B Medical Lumin CPAP Mask & Accessories Machine Cleaner destroys 99% of germs and bacteria with a specialized UV light system, similar to those found in hospital operating rooms. UV LightUV is a safe and effective alternative with no harmful chemicals, no ozone, no harsh abrasives or liquids, and no residual odor.
The shutoff mechanism engages if the drawer is opened to protect from UV LightUV exposure. The clear Lumin rack improves the disinfection of your mask and accessories, allowing greater UV light penetration. It is recommended to wipe your equipment clean before using the Lumin to ensure the items are thoroughly sanitized. You will feel the difference in your CPAP therapy with cleaner, fresher equipment

Pürdoux Makes Everyday Cleaning Easy

Your CPAP machine sends a constant flow of air pressure into your airway. The air is humidified, creating a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria to grow and reproduce. Dust and allergens can also contaminate your CPAP supplies over time. These pathogens can be inhaled as you breathe, causing you to become sick or suffer from allergy symptoms. Oils and dead skin cells from your face and hands can build up on your mask and cause irritation or poor mask seal. To get the best possible therapy for your sleep apnea, it's essential to regularly clean your CPAP equipment, including the mask, air tubing, and humidifier. However, life can get in the way, and you may be skipping on your daily cleaning routine. For this, it's smart to keep a steady supply of mask wipes by your side and never compromise your health


Pürdoux™ CPAP Mask Wipes are specifically designed to keep your CPAP equipment sanitized; they help remove tough grime and bacteria. With usage, your equipment could begin to grow bacteria colonies, causing your equipment to acquire a foul odor and possibly lead to premature equipment breakdown. Pürdoux™ CPAP Mask Wipes are ideal for keeping by your bedside or taking on-the-go for quick and easy routine cleans, and convenient for a wipe-down before placing items in a cleaning machine. They also work great on other personal use devices such as phones, glasses, and even your hands



Manufacturer: Resvent

Dimensions: 9.4in x 7in x 5in

Screen Size: 3.5 inches, color

Noise Level: < 28 dB

Mode: Auto-Adjusting and Nonadjusting

CPAP Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH2O

Value-Added Functions: Auto screen luminance adjustment, Energy saving mode, Time and alarm clock

Power Source: AC Input: 100-240v. Voltage suitable for BOTH the US & EU

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