Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator Bundle (Pulse Dose)

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Product Overview

ResMed Mobi is a portable oxygen concentrator for everyday living. It features a lightweight design, long-lasting battery life and delivers the oxygen you need to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Mobi is intelligently designed with a user friendly interface, DC and AC power cords, multiple battery options, and ResMed's legendary attention to detail and quality. Each Mobi includes a 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Product Features

Pulse Wave Oxygen

Most Portable Oxygen Concentrators deliver a strong "Pulse Dose" of oxygen at the beginning of each breath. This strong initial pulse often wastes oxygen because the flow speed exceeds inhalation speed. Mobi's advanced Pulse Wave smooths oxygen delivery -- syncing it with your natural inhalation period and breathing rate -- so more oxygen is delivered and the delivery is more comfortable too. Mobi delivers Pulse Wave oxygen at settings from 1 - 4.

Small, Lightweight And Durable

The internal battery pack will provide power for up to 6 hours of oxygen at a setting of 2. For added time away from fixed power sources Mobi External Batteries add another 3 hours each. Higher settings will reduce battery run time and lower settings will increase it.

Each Mobi package includes a Universal AC Wall Power Cord and a DC Power Cord for use in the "cigarette" style power outlets found in most cars, boats and other vehicles. Mobi batteries will recharge automatically whenever AC or DC Power is available regardless of whether the concentrator is currently in use.

Proper Oxygen Delivery

Mobi's adaptive operating system monitors activity and breathing to ensure proper oxygen delivery at all times. When Mobi senses normal, active breathing it will deliver oxygen in Active Mode. During periods of sleep or slow, shallow breathing Mobi will automatically increase sensitivity and switch to Rest Mode. And if no breath is detected at all Mobi will automatically deliver oxygen until normal breathing patterns resume.

Casual, Comfortable & Stylish 

Combining style and functionality, ResMed's Custom Carry Bag is the ideal solution for carrying Mobi wherever you go. The rich gray, water resistant fabric is sturdy and durable and best of all it looks great. It features integrated mesh panels to ensure your oxygen concentrator's air vents are free to function properly, padding to protect your device from life's every day bumps and scrapes; easy access to oxygen therapy controls and settings, and integrated pockets and panels to store convenience items and batteries.

For additional storage space and hands free convenience, consider the Mobi Custom Backpack with plenty of space for the concentrator plus supplies for a day away. It includes many of the same great design features as the Custom Carry Bag and is a great optional add on to your Mobi system.

Simple To Use 

Mobi is designed for one-touch startup with an intuitive interface that makes setting changes simple and ensures the most commonly used controls are always at your fingertips. Its bright, easy-to-read display is reassuring with important information like remaining battery life, current therapy level, current therapy mode, and dose delivery timing always clearly in view.

Intelligent Alerts & Resmed Quality Built In 

your unit is working properly at all times. In the rare event that your oxygen concentrator does malfunction, you can rest easy knowing that it is backed by ResMed's trusted reputation for quality craftsmanship, service and support.

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