DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine

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Item #: DSG500S11

Product Review

Effectiveness and portability, all in one. 

The DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine is a full-featured, intelligent Auto-CPAP therapy device perfect for home and travel packing convenience and trusted technology for effective and comfortable therapy, even if it's on the go.

Product Features

Travel Friendly

The DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine is FAA Approved for commercial flights so you can sleep comfortably on long flights. The FAA Compliant Label is included on the base of the unit for easy identification. The slim profile design facilitates airport screening and offers discretion while traveling.

Integrated Battery

Never be caught off guard. Catch some sleep wherever you are with the convenience of having optional battery support. DreamStation Go's battery connects to the CPAP device to create a single integrated unit with an average run time of 13 hours between charges. That gives you a full night of sleep and even leaves space for hitting snooze on your alarm. You can even plug your phone into the USB port on the DreamStation Go device so it will stay charged up as well.

Track Your Sleep Progress

Tracking your progress goes hand in hand with therapy compliance. 

The DreamStation Go includes Bluetooth built-in and an SD Data Card pre-installed for data storage. The device displays your Sleep Progress Report on the LCD screen showing nightly usage over the past three sleep sessions, plus a data summary from the past 30 days. These details help you stay accountable and informed about your sleep treatment if you need to adjust to your settings. 

More detailed information is also available within the "My Info" section of the device or via the free DreamMapper App (iPhone, iPad & Android). If using the DreamMapper self-management tool with other devices, you can view your combined progress in one consolidated, printable dashboard for complete therapy results.

Micro-flexible Tubing

Less is more. The micro-flexible tubing is the smallest tubing Respironics offers, minimizing bulk and weight on the bed, helping you sleep comfortably without getting tangled in your equipment during the night. Micro-flexible tubing is 58% slimmer than standard CPAP tubing and connects easily onto the DreamStation Go for a secure fit, and it is compatible with any CPAP mask.

Trusted Technology 

DreamStation Go includes the same clinically-proven Flex pressure-relief technologies, therapy algorithms, and advanced event detection found in the DreamStation and System One PAP therapy devices for a comfortable and efficient therapy session.

The device tracks and adjusts therapy levels responding to common OSA related events including Hypopneas, Flow Limitation, Respiratory Effort Related Arousal, Snores, and Leaks. 

Flex Pressure Relief

The flex setting allows additional comfort by decreasing the CPAP pressure during exhalation, making it easier to breathe out against the machine and promoting a more natural breathing feeling.

Integrated Heated Humidifier

Most travel CPAP machines don't offer water based humidifiers, or the alternatives are bulky and non-convenient. The DreamStation Go includes an optional Heated Humidifier with a secure integrated unit that connects onto the device to form a single unit providing an enhanced therapy experience with added moisture and humidity.

The DreamStation Go heated humidifier weighs less than a pound and fits into the Respironics medium travel kit when attached to the CPAP. The humidifier can be used with tap water, distilled water, or bottled water for added convenience.


The DreamStation Go gives you the freedom to choose any mask (with standard 22mm outer diameter connection), without the need to switch from the mask you are currently wearing at home when using a travel CPAP.

Touch Screen Display

The touch screen eliminates the need for knobs or buttons found on other machines. The menus are navigated by swiping and pressing the screen as needed. 

Built-In USB Port

An integrated USB port on the Dreamstation Go Travel CPAP side allows the CPAP to be plugged into the wall and a phone or other USB powered device plugged directly into the CPAP to be powered. 

Product Specifications

Brand: Phillips Respironics
Weight 1.86 lb
Dimensions: 15cm (L) x 15 cm (W) x 5.8 cm (H)

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