DreamStation BiPAP® Auto Machine

BY Philips Respironics
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Item #: DSX700S11

Product Overview

Talk about nightstand decor. The Philips Respironics DreamStation BiPAP® Auto Machine brings high-level technology combined with a modern and sleek design. This simple-to-use bilevel machine with auto-adjusting pressure tracks your therapy effectiveness and connects remotely to your care team, helping you stay committed to your treatment.

Product Features

Auto-adjusting Technology

This bilevel device detects events during sleep that require higher pressure, and automatically adjusts and returns to a lower pressure when the event has concluded.

Bi-Flex pressure relief mimics a natural breathing pattern, softening the transition between inhalation and exhalation and automatically adjusting as it fluctuates during therapy so that you can sleep soundly with fewer interruptions.

Modern and Sleek Design

The DreamStation BiPAP® looks nothing like a medical device. The modern and sleek design features a front-facing color display with a large navigation dial and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the display brightness according to ambient light levels. The Advanced-Data Displayed provides essential information that helps you track your progress and change your settings. The large navigation dial is intuitive and convenient, and the bright, front-facing display uses simple menus and icons that are easy to follow.

It's small and lightweight, and FAA approved, making it a perfect trip companion that can easily fit into a travel bag. Power cord and battery options are also available for on the go activities. 

Easy Maintenance

Caring for your equipment couldn't be easier. The tray-style filters that slide in and out of the machine for cleaning and replacement are colored. The darker blue is the washable, reusable filter, and the light blue being the disposable filter, to easily integrate as part of your routine due to its simple maintenance requirements. 


Breathe easy and carefree. This advanced feature enables the DreamStation BiPAP Auto to monitor your therapy levels, during the ramp period, to deliver lower pressure until it detects an obstructive respiratory event. When an event is detected, SmartRamp raises the pressure as required until the ramp period concludes. 

DreamMapper App and Built-In Bluetooth Connectivity

Therapy tracking and compliance have never been easier. Get your nightly Sleep Progress report on your device's LCD screen, which shows usage over the past three sleep sessions and a summary data from the past 30 days. You can also access more detailed information using the DreamMapper App for iPhone and Android and receive regular alerts and reminders that keep you informed and compliant to your protocol. 

Heated Humidifier - Optional Add On 

The DreamStation's Heated Humidifier is a smart addition to the DreamStation BiPAP®. The humidifier attaches onto the back of the device to form a single integrated unit, and you can control it from the LCD. The heated humidifier delivers your specific humidification levels without being compromised by external factors such as room temperature. DreamStation Heated Tubing also provides extra protection from rainout. 

      Product Specifications

      Brand: Philips Respironics
      Dimensions - Machine Alone: Approx. 7.6 in W x 6.2 in L x 3.3 in H
      Available Modes: Fixed-Pressure CPAP, BiPAP, BiPAP Auto
      Weight - Machine Alone: Approx. 1.56 lbs (24.96 oz)
      Pressure Range:  4-25 cm H2O, 0.5 increments
      Power Consumption: 80W Power Supply:
      Noise Level - Machine Alone: 25.8 dBA
      Water Capacity - Humidifier: 325 mL
      Operating Temperature: Operating Temperature:
      Storage Temperature: -4° - 140° F (-20° - 60° C)
      Relative Humidity - Operating & Storage: 15 - 95% (Non-Condensing)
      Atmospheric Pressure: 101 - 77 kPA (0 - 7500 ft)

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