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DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

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Item #: DSX500H11

Product Overview

Nobody knows you more than your CPAP machine—the DreamStation CPAP auto-adjusts your therapy with real-time monitoring, regulating pressure when a breathing disturbance apnea is detected so you can experience immediate results. The verdict: it's a keeper. 

Note: CPAP Mask is NOT included.

Product Features

Product Features

SmartRamp™ and Opti-Start™

Nice and easy. SmartStart™ is a function that makes your experience with a CPAP machine much more comfortable. It initiates your sleep apnea therapy as soon as you breathe into your mask. When you remove your mask, it stops automatically after a few seconds. This intuitive and convenient feature is ideal if you need to get up from bed in the middle of the night, and it also helps you fall asleep with ease. Once you remove your mask, the machine will stop and provide a Sleep Report with a summary of your therapy session, including usage hours and mask seal information. You can also set to see information on apnea events experienced per hour and more detailed usage data. EZ-Start's automatic, personalized adjustments to CPAP pressure help you acclimate to your prescribed level of therapy. At the same time, Opti-Start™ technology addresses residual apnea events that may occur early in treatment by initiating a therapy session at a starting pressure closer to the previous sessions. You can enable or disable this feature.

Optional Humidifier Feature

The DreamStation™ Heated Humidifier includes an adaptive mode that delivers a specific humidification level throughout the night without being compromised by room temperature, flow rate, or external humidity. This machine consists of a standard hose, but you may upgrade to a Heated Hose. If using the 15mm heated hose, you'll be less likely to experience rainout and experience greater humidity levels than traditional non-heated tubing.

Flex Comfort

All about comfort: A-Flex technology provides pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation while softening pressure transitions from each breath. The algorithms measure your natural breathing pattern, deliver the right amount of pressure relief, enhance your experience, and promote treatment compliance.

DreamMapper™ app

Keep track and access your sleep therapy data with the DreamMapper™ app. The app provides essential information like leaks, AHI, and the total number of apneas and hypopnea. This data helps you understand your treatment needs and aids in selecting appropriate equipment such as masks, tubing, and filters. It also comes in handy when discussing your sleep apnea treatment with your provider.

Auto-adjusting System

Records breathing patterns throughout the night and auto-adjusts the pressure during your sleep, resulting in fewer doctor's visits to change the pressure on your machine, saving you time and money.

Quiet Technology

A quiet night is a restful night. The DreamStation is one of the most silent CPAP machines, checking in at only 25.8 decibels, creating fewer disturbances, so you can sleep, breathe, and dream in peace.

Important Tips

Important Tips

  • It is recommended to use distilled water with the Dreamstation humidifier.
  • For additional humidification, you can use the Philips Respironics HT15 CPAP Heated Tubing.
  • The Dreamstation Auto CPAP machine with Heated Humidifier is ideal for anyone who uses low CPAP pressure.
  • The Dreamstation comes with two filters, a reusable one and a disposable one.  The blue reusable filter should be replaced every 6 months and the light blue disposable filter should be replaced every 3 months.


Brand: Philips Respironics

Manufacturer: Philips Respironics

Prescription Required: Yes

Included in Box: Device ,SD card,User manual,Flexible tubing, Carrying case,Reusable blue pollen filter,Power cord,Power supply

Weight: 2.2 lbs

Dimensions: 6.18 L x 7.6 W x 3.3 H inches

Product Condition: New

110 Voltage: Yes

Battery Compatibility: Yes

Noise Level: Less than 30 dB



User Guides

User Guides

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